Top 15 Blockchain Social Media Platforms: Get Paid to Post With No Followers

The creator economy is booming, and many platforms are developing funds to support their content creators. But there is more to this economy than meets the eye, like blockchain social networks.

According to a16z’s latest report, the average creator doesn’t even make minimum wage. Most content creators have to reach a gigantic audience before they start having the means to pay the bills.

Luckily, new blockchain social media platforms are reshaping how making money from posting on social networks works in 2022. Creators have better chances to achieve a better payout. NFT creators averaged $174k per year in 2021, whereas a Facebook Content Creator only earns $0.10 per year.

In this article, we explore all the major social media platforms where you can get paid to post. Of course, no platform will make you famous, but you can get a nice part-time income discussing projects you’re passionate about on Web3.

1) Hive Blockchain

Hive Blockchain Social Media Platform Copyright

Originally started as Steem, Hive is a fork of the Steem blockchain where users govern and support each other. The Hive blockchain is completely focused on rewarding users to curate, post, and share useful content. 

On Hive, content creators can make upwards of $1,000 per post, and it’s common to see users making anywhere from $50 to $300 per month. It might not be a full-time income, but it’s definitely more than Facebook is paying you!

The Hive blockchain uses HIVE as its cryptocurrency coin. Users can earn HIVE by: 

  • Receiving upvotes on their content (articles, videos, comments, etc.)
  • Receiving upvotes on their comments
  • Curating other people’s articles (50/50% split)
  • Staking HIVE (the more you stake, the greater the power of your vote)
  • Becoming a node validator

Users on HIVE talk about all kinds of topics, but the vast majority of posts are dedicated to Web3 and gaming on the blockchain. One of the most popular crypto games of 2022, Splinterlands, started on the HIVE blockchain and still uses it as part of its cross-chain compatibility.

In order to post on HIVE, you’ll need a frontend. HIVE determines the backend infrastructure, and it’s not possible to subscribe through their main website directly. 

The frontends we suggest are Ecency and Peakd. All frontends read the same data and display the same posts. Different frontends might focus on different features. For example, one might only fetch short-form content to clone Twitter, while others might focus on long-form articles mimicking Medium.


odysee frontend for lbry

LBRY is a decentralized video-sharing protocol based on the blockchain. It uses LBRY as the governance token.

The average profit per creator on LBRY fell dramatically in the last months, mostly due to increased regulation in the US for videos and companies using blockchain networks to deliver content. Monitoring copyright on LBRY is nearly impossible.

LBRY developed its own frontend, Odysee, where users can post and engage with videos on the network. YouTube creators can automatically reshare their videos on LBRY and yield a profit. 

Viewers can get random drops of LBRY during their activities and can support their creators through direct donations. 

Content creators can stake LBRY to promote their videos on the platform. A portion of the staked LBRY can be claimed back. Stacking LBRY is an effective way to grow your following on the platform. 

Odysee received the interest of large YouTubers, and almost any topic is now welcome on the platform.

3) DTube

dtube screenshot

DTube is a video-sharing platform built on the HIVE Blockchain. Users can make money posting and curating videos on any topic. All profits are paid out in DTUBE coins.

DTUBEs generate Voting Power (VP) for influencing video rankings, bandwidth (BW) for transacting on the blockchain, and represent your stake in the DTube DAO.

With the recent fall of LBRY’s earnings, DTube is taking the lead as one of the most trafficked Web3 video-sharing platforms. Although the issue with copyright still stands, the platform is much more focused on Web3 and faces less criticism from public outcry. 

Posting on DTube provides a viable chance to stand out if you're just starting out and want to test the waters. Although the market is tiny, it is eager to welcome new competitors.

4) DeSo

DeSo first page

The newest HIVE rival, DeSo, aims to dethrone the dominant social network blockchain by enabling users to create their own coins.

Creators on DeSo frontends can create their own token, backed to the DeSo coin. This means 1 Barack Obama’s token might be worth 1,000 DeSo, while yours could be exchanged for only 10.

The value of the token is always linked to DeSo, the actual blockchain coin, so it’s more of a marketing move rather than something practically useful for the creators. 

DeSo has several frontends reading and publishing data from the chain. The most important one right now is Diamond, the decentralized Twitter. You can find a list of all frontends and apps developed on the DeSo blockchain here.


DenSocial is a small Twitter clone mostly focused on Web3 talks. Some major publications, such as Hackernoon, are partnering with them to bring more readers to their blogs. 

Users may get paid to post as long as their posts gain enough upvotes on, which has a limited but extremely active NFT user base.

We suggest pairing with your crypto strategy rather than relying on it entirely. It’s more of a sidekick than the main character. 

For example, you could drive more traffic to your blog while getting some extra income or promote other properties you have on blockchain social media platforms like HIVE or DeSo.

6) Roll

Roll Social Token

Roll is a social minting platform where everyone can create and exchange their crypto token.

The concept behind Roll is to stabilize existing audiences by rewarding them for their interactions. For example, you might reward people with 100 MCOIN for moderating your Discord chat and then allow them to spend the MCOINs to get one hour of free consultancy with you. 

Tokens minted through social minting platforms are typically used to increase the engagement rates of communities and are not publicly traded on big exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance.

The validity of a Roll-minted token is only held inside the community itself. However, this can be good as someone with a high engagement might donate their tokens to other users to receive the aforementioned benefits.

7) Koji

withkoji app page

Koji is by far the world's most powerful small website builder, with hundreds of free apps to customize and monetize your content. They include a free wallet and minting application.

Many Web3 applications on Koji allow creators to profit from questions, video requests, messages, and so much more. Koji has everything you might need to monetize every piece of content you can think of. 

Additionally, all the payments can then be withdrawn in any currency, including Bitcoin. The payments can be fully decentralized. 

Koji features little minigames with your own branded assets, interoperability between all apps through HTML5 execution, and many stats available for each app you decide to use. 

Polemos utilizes Koji for our small website shared on social channels, and we suggest you do the same. 

If you are a Web3 creator, take a look at their apps to sell NFTs and mint them on the chain.

8) CamTV


CamTV is an Italian blockchain social network based on “LKS coin” and is one of the only Italian Web3 startups raising over 15 million in funding.

On CamTV, part of the rewards are paid out in LKS coin, which currently has an undisclosed and untracked market value. The first LKS coin for a post is provided by the platform, and is free to donate, and you may donate a free one every 5 to 15 minutes. 

The social network boasts an internal AI recommendation engine, similar to TikTok’s “For You” page and is officially registered in Austria. 

CamTV gets about 60.000 visitors per month, making it an attractive new social network to build up a following. It’s worth mentioning most users on the platforms are Italian, so your English content may reach a smaller audience.

Some parts of the tool are not decentralized, but this means the overall quality of the platform is much higher than its competitors. The centralized frontend makes it easier for the average user to onboard and build their custom blog.

9) Publish0x

publish0x get paid to post

Publish0x is a Medium clone where over 100 thousand members discuss the new era of the internet. 

The minimal design makes it an easy platform to pick up, and everyone, including readers, can earn rewards by interacting with their favorite content. You do not need to write articles to earn money.

However, in order to earn more, you can decide to join the author program and start writing about your passions. You can post videos too. All authors have to be authorized by a manual team.

The application process is easy; they will simply ask you to provide references to past work and prove you have a general understanding of copyright laws.

Publish0x authors and readers yield profit in a wide variety of crypto coins and tokens. The team frequently partners with new coins, which in return for an airdrop, get free publicity on social media. 

Although centralized in part, Publish0x is one of the best platforms to write online today and can give you some great rewards if you put in the effort.

10) Read.Cash

read-cash blockchain social network

Read.Cash is a privately owned and funded initiative to bring back in-depth articles from experienced authors. 

The platform is supported by the founders and private donations from user to user. The main coin is BTC cash

Very similar to Publish0x, content creators on Read.Cash can get paid to post on the blockchain social media platform through in-depth articles and reviews. There are many readers willing to spend time and money on your content. 

It’s worth pointing out Read.Cash is one of the only multilingual-friendly platforms in Web3. You can write in your native language, and your articles will be equally indexed and spread out by the algorithm. 

Over 94,000 users are currently using the platform.

11) Noise.Cash

noise-cash get paid to post on social media

Noise.Cash is practically an exact replica of Read.Cash, but it uses a more linear and minimalistic design. 

Noise.Cash is more similar to Twitter than it is to Medium, and content creators focus on short-form content rather than lengthy articles or research.

If you’re looking for a Twitter alternative that pays out, Noise.Cash might be a good alternative due to its sheer size. As of now, the blockchain social media platform has over 300,000 users.

12) Brave Browser

brave browser rewards

Brave is a popular Google Chrome alternative rewarding users with BAT, the Brave Attention Token. BAT is rewarded every time the user watches an ad.

Brave Browser automatically blocks all ads on websites and disables tracking for tools like Google Analytics. This means users won’t see ads, and website owners and marketers won’t get a return for their hard work.

To counter the negative effects of a lack of advertisements, Brave Browser launched the BAT token, an effortless crypto token you can start earning right away when installing the application. 

Brave Browser will reward you with a small amount of BAT every time you watch an ad, and you can then redistribute the BAT tokens you earn to your favorite creators. 

If you’re a creator, you can join the BAT reward program, and users will be able to donate directly through your main channels—like Twitter or Twitch.

This new approach to advertising is leading the way in a more privacy-oriented web, and we’re excited to see where Brave goes next. They recently released their own search engine as well, fighting over Google’s long-lasting monopoly.

13) HackerNoon

hackernoon homepage

Hackernoon is not set up on a blockchain, but their recent partnership with Coil means hosting your blog with them might yield you additional benefits. 

Aside from their partnership with Den Social, Hackernoon allows you to link a Coil Wallet to your blog. 

Coil Network is a revolutionary revenue-sharing platform that collects a monthly fee from users and redistributes the profits to all adhering websites. On average, you can earn $0.36 every hour a user spends on your content. That can scale up quite quickly!

Hackernoon also has some Web3 competitions running all year round. These contests provide opportunities to earn a fixed amount of money from writing exceptional pieces of content. Check out all their contests here.

Writing on Hackernoon will establish you as an authority in the decentralized space, let you meet incredible people, and all your articles will be published on a high-authority domain. Hackernoon doesn’t take any copyright over your content, which means you can then reshare it on all other 14 platforms mentioned in this article.

14) Entre

entre is linkedin for web3

Entre is the web3 professional network, empowering everyone to connect with the people and resources they need to succeed easily. You can consider it the LinkedIn of Web3.

Entre is built on the DeSo blockchain, meaning the underlying infrastructure is the same as Diamond, the Twitter clone. However, the two apps are different enough to be considered entirely different blockchain social media platforms where passion drives payments. 

Get paid to post on Entre by sharing insightful career tips and meet like-minded individuals building life-changing applications!

Entre partners and received funding from some incredible apps like Canva, Hubspot, and Stripe.

15) Yup

yup make money curating content

Curate and share content across the web and earn money and clout for your taste.

Yup is a blockchain built entirely on the idea of curation. You can curate anything you find on the web, from tweets to YouTube videos, and get rewarded if your activity helps someone else find something interesting for them.

On Yup, you: 

  • Like, rate, and react to content. These metrics are added to Yup, building your taste profile.
  • Make collections of pieces of content and share them. 
  • Earn tokens when other people like what you shared!

Yup already paid out over $4 million in rewards and is hiring to scale up its operations.

BONUS: Build your Own Blockchain Social Media Platform

Just a quick reminder that Web3 is still in its early stages and that developing today might result in higher returns later.

The world needs more builders to provide solutions to the big problems we’re all facing in the decentralized web. 

Coding is not mandatory for building life-changing applications. No-code developers are on the rise, and no-code tools are rapidly becoming popular to build NFT minting pages and other decentralized toolkits.

The most popular and powerful no-code tools to bring your ideas to life without code are: BubbleWeWebDirectualBildrFlutterFlow, and Backendless.

How Much Can You Get Paid To Post?

All the platforms mentioned above are simply social networks, and you wouldn’t expect to earn a living from Facebook without being an influencer. 

Although everyone can earn from these platforms, don’t expect to become a millionaire by posting pictures of cats and dogs. That didn’t work on Facebook and will not work here, either. 

If you focus on providing high-quality articles and videos you can post on all the networks, then you’re potentially looking at substantial part-time income by doing almost the same work you do for free today. 

Combining Web3, no-code tools, and existing Web2 properties to build outstanding content will help you stabilize your digital strategy and earn more from your talent, passions, and knowledge.

Originally posted on Polemos' blog.

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