By cMasta | pmcmasta | 26 Sep 2020

Guys I knew this would happen except I was (naively) hoping that Pokemon GO would be the game to do it.

Tencent has partnered with The Pokemon Company to prematurely end the China war and unite the world!

I don't even care that there are no type advantages.

I just put in my limit order. It was dumb to not have bought a share of Tencent already. Of course this isn't investment advice. Maybe you don't support that.

Just in case you missed why this game will change life as Chinese people know it: The game is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, which makes it remarkably similar to a game known in Chinese as 王者荣耀 (wangzhe rongyao), sometimes translated as King's Glory, which itself is basically a mobile version of League of Legends (LOL). It's already a way of life for some kids and young adults so putting a Pokemon shell over it will finally bring China all the way into the worldwide phenomenon that is Pokemon.

Pokemon sure changed my life a lot, and kind of even defined it at one point. Sadly, I haven't found the time to even get on the sim (Pokemon Showdown) in over a year, but I did borrow my kind friend's Switch just long enough to beat Sword.


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