Splinterlands- End Of Season Rewards for a Slow Season

By Plint | Plints Splinterlands | 2 Feb 2022


Dear Splinterlanders!

A few days ago was the end of season on Splinterlands. I have to say that I had a pretty bad season. I decided to focus more on blogging on Read and Hive to increase my earnings there and combined with a full-time job I found that left very little time to play.... Guilty as charged.

So when I got to the end of the season I was still in Bronze III, after two seasons in Bronze II this was pretty much a downfall and a sad one too since the prices had dropped so much it would have been pretty easy to have stayed in Bronze II. But ah well, no use crying over spilt milk.

My End Of Season Rewards

So I opened my 5 packs and as expected they didn't contain any cards. Here is what I got:

Eos spl.jpg

It was actually not as bad as I feared, at least I got some credits and 2 potions, instead of all potions.

Looking Forward to This Season

The new season has already started and I have vowed to make this a better one. I am still not sure if I will reach Bronze II since work is absolutely bananas now, but I do vow to play more and finish more quests so I can get more rewards that way. Hopefully that will increase my chance at getting more cards as well.

How did your season go? Were you happy with your rewards?

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Plints Splinterlands
Plints Splinterlands

All my posts about the blockchain game of Splinterlands. It is a play2earn game with huge potential.

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