I Finally Reached Bronze II!

By Plint | Plints Splinterlands | 10 Dec 2021

Hi all! Exciting times as I reached Bronze II!

It may sounds silly but this is the first time I have made it so far!


I am so excited to finally have made it to the place where the rewards are! I started just at the wrong time really with playing, 2 weeks after I started DEC rewards for Bronze III disappeared....

How I did it.

So I got some cards that I wanted to get, invested about 500DEC into it. Then I used 5DEC a day to rent two legendaries: In my case Doctor Blight:

That legendary right there is 500 CP and he fits really well into my earth and death decks so yay!

The other legendary I got was Zyvax Vuul

I thought it would be useful, but haven't used it yet so far, think it takes too long to be useful.

Just wanted to share my happiness with you all about finally reaching this new level!

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Plints Splinterlands
Plints Splinterlands

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