Introducing TRUCKER INC ( on WAX

By Domifidsch | Playtoearn Reviews | 5 Jan 2023

Introducing TRUCKER INC ( on WAX

After my first post a few days ago about a potential scam I would like to get into a more promising project today. It's called TRUCKER INC.
The project is running on the WAX Blockchain and is based on the idea of a classical Truck management app.

The idea is simple. Buy yourself some buildings to start your company and get some trucks to start.
There are basic trucks with a low carrying capacity and there are (more expensive) advanced trucks which will be able to carry more goods in a shorter period of time. Keep in mind that the initial Invest can become pretty high if you want to start with good equipment.
For every delivery you do, you will get some of the in-game currency called TBUCKS.

Like in the real world the money you make with a job is not the money you will keep, as you have to pay expenses before you can keep the rest.
You would for example have to fuel your trucks and maintain them. But other then other Cryptogames this is all completely done with TBUCKS.
After earning you can decide what to do with you r earned coin. If you want to expand your business fast it makes sense to safe for better and trucks and buildings. If you want to see how the game developes and you are not sure about investing more, just keep you TBUCKS and stake them. Right now you are getting a pretty return for doing that.
You can also invest them into blending, bonus Assets or into exclusive assets, who will ensure your transport company to grow faster in the future.

I already have some experience into games like that and like in every project there comes always a risk of loosing the value of your investments. Not to forget about possible rubpulls from whales.

If you are interested take a look at

You need a WAX wallet to be able to play.
All assets can be found on

Have a good day and thanks for reading. I would be happy to get suggestions from you what to take a look at next. Leave a comment :)



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