M&L Crypto Apps. Play-to-Earn App Review.

Play-to-Earn App Review: M&L Crypto Apps

By Valdyr | Play-to-Earn Crypto Apps | 2 Dec 2022

So far in my play-to-earn crypto app blog series I've focused on mostly games. Today I'll be taking a departure to write about a suite of four faucet apps I've been using on my phone for the past month or so: Earn Bitcoin Cash, Earn Dash, Earn Dogecoin, and Earn Litecoin - all created by M&L Prod. The basic premise of each app should be familiar to faucet users: every hour you can spin a wheel twice to earn a small amount of cryptocurrency on each app.

Disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links which may give a small payout to the author and/or a bonus to new users who may choose to use apps or services mentioned. Please consider using these links to help support this blog series!

What You'll Need to Play These M&L Apps

  • To Withdraw: Payments can be sent to any compatible wallet for each token. (The apps recommend sending to wallets rather than exchanges, since some exchanges have a minimum amount in order to receive.)
  • Smartphone Availability: At the time of writing, these apps seem to only be available for Android phones.

Play-To-Earn Crypto. Reviews of smartphone games and other apps that offer payouts in crypto currency.

Payout Information for Earn Apps

  • Crypto Rewards Options: There is a separate app for each of the four cryptocurrencies currently supported: Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. (There are two other apps listed on the website, but they no longer appear to be available.)
  • Payout Minimum: Each app has a different threshold for withdrawals, but it should be noted that these thresholds can be adjusted a bit both up and down. So if you'd like to save more per payment, or have more frequent but lower payments, you can adjust these settings. Again, be mindful of any receiving minimums you might encounter from the wallets or exchanges you might use to receive your funds.
  • Payout Frequency: Payments are automatically sent every Sunday provided that you have met the minimum withdrawal limit on each app.

Pros of Using Earn Bitcoin Cash, Earn Dash, Earn Dogecoin and Earn Litecoin

  • Low Payment Thresholds: I've left the default thresholds in place for the Earn Dogecoin and Earn Litecoin apps, and lowered them by one step in Earn Bitcoin Cash and Earn Dash apps. At these settings, I usually make payments for all four apps every two weeks.
  • Little Effort & Time Required: Every hour all you need to do is spin the wheel (twice) on each app to earn your crypto. You can also claim a daily bonus each day. But, if you want to earn more, there are...
  • Options to Earn More By Watching Ads: You can earn more crypto each hour AND every 15 minutes by watching ads. So if you're looking to fill up your bag, this is an option to help you earn more in your spare time.

Cons of Using M&L Earn Apps

  • Frequent Ad Service Issues on Earn Bitcoin Cash and Earn Dash: The main reason I personally lowered my payment thresholds on these two apps specifically is that I frequently run into issues with the ads not playing on Earn Bitcoin Cash, and a bit less often on Earn Dash. It's kind of strange that the issues seem to only affect certain apps, but there it is.
  • Low Earnings: While I appreciate the low payment thresholds, it's still worth noting that I'm only earning about $0.10-$0.20 per app every two weeks, so like most play-to-earn apps, you'll won't be making a lot of income through these apps.

Do you play any Play-to-Earn smartphone apps that you'd like to recommend? Please be sure to drop your suggestions in the comments (don't forget to include your affiliate links or codes if applicable!) to let me know which apps you're enjoying and earning the most!

Summary of Earn Bitcoin Cash, Earn Dash, Earn Dogecoin and Earn Litecoin Apps

At the end of each of my reviews, I ask myself two questions: "Is it fun?" and "Is it worth it?" For the former, since these apps really aren't games and more like traditional faucets, I can't really say I enjoy them as such. As for the 'worth it' aspect, the small payouts are mostly sufficient for the effort put in, though I still prioritize other apps (and even other web-based faucets) that pay more significant amounts before I use the M&L Prod. suite of apps.  Still, during my work-at-home days, I find it's easy to run these apps on the side while I write my articles and make a little extra crypto along the way!

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Play-to-Earn Crypto Apps
Play-to-Earn Crypto Apps

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