Rollercoin: My experience with support because of discovering a bug

Before the new era arrived in Rollercoin, I noticed a bug that happened to me some times, because of my play style. What I do normally when I play a game on Rollercoin is finish it either by winning or losing, clicking the "gain power" button and then click the games button again to save time, by the time you could do this every time without it failing, it still gave you power and got cooldown, but some of the times, I did that so fast that the game bugged, still gave me the power and it didn´t got cooldown at all, allowing me to play it again and still gain power once I finished it for the second time as well.

This is when I wanted to contact with support since it could be exploitable by some AI or auto clicker, in hope of getting a reward or something for discovering the bug for the good of the community. So I reached at them via mail saying how to do the glitch and how it could be exploitable. Once I sent it, I received a mail back telling me to send them my username, which I did and waited for a response, all this being a few days before the new era arrived. I never got a mail back saying anything then.

Once the new era arrived, I joined the discord community, for announcements and some extra stuff that they could have or publish there. I noticed there was some staff, so I guessed they had contact somehow with someone at Rollercoin, I asked him and I was right. I told him my discovery and he said thanks to me. After that, I just waited to see what happened and kept doing my trick because sometimes it gave me some extra cooldown reduction, so why not just do it until it´s gone.

About 4 days later, I was starting to play the games and did my thing as I did always, but this time, I didn´t even try to do my trick and the game got no cooldown once I did it... but I didn´t gained power neither... it was fixed! I helped to fix a bug in the game. But I couldn´t live without it, I needed to save time somehow. So I tried to watch my ranking while the power was being gained, and I discovered now that once the rank goes up, you can skip the whole validation animation and click on the games button, sadly the cooldown is now fixed, but it saves time in the long run and is still working to date.

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