Revuto: One-Stop Solution for all Subscriptions

Revuto: One-Stop Solution for all Subscriptions

By warliezdiaz | Planet Crypto | 9 May 2021

A lot of millenials and zoomers have subscription to either or both Spotify and Netflix. This subscription model allows us to test a product or service without committing and full paying the full price unlike the generations before us who really needs to buy the whole album or watch movies on theaters which they could not re-watch their favorite scenes.

While this trend is beneficial to many users, it also has certain downsides. Free trials with cumbersome cancellation policies produce unnecessary recurring losses. For some users who prefer to do their payment manually, having to remember their subscriptions and going to dozens of websites every month can result to consumer fatigue and wastage of so much time.

What if there is a single app where you can manage all of your subscriptions in just a few clicks without the hassle of visiting each website and wasting time filling out some lengthy forms?

It’s time to stop jumping through all the hoops and hurdles. Revuto envisions to be that app that will make ‘enter your payment details’ or ‘are you sure you want to unsubscribe?’ a thing of the past.


What is Revuto?

Revuto: One-Stop Solution for Managing All Subscriptions (Image from Revuto's Twitter Page)

Revuto is a European Fintech startup leveraging blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi) to offer clients a superior subscription management experience. It offers a simple, intuitive and easily accessible single-dashboard subscription management service. It aims to help customers save time, energy, and money by completely redefining the subscription management experience.

By primarily targeting heavy users or private persons with significant subscription-related yearly expenditures, Revuto’s goal is not just helping us as users to save money but also give us complete control over our subscriptions. After all, it is our money and in our generation which is gravitating towards decentralization, the right to control and manage our money on our own and without any intermediary is not anymore an option but a must.

However, Revuto is more than just a subscription management service.


The Revuto Ecosystem

The Revuto Ecosystem

The Revuto ecosystem will be built entirely on the Cardano blockchain consists of three integral parts: (i) the subscription management software - Revuto dApp; (ii) The governance and utility token $REVU; and (iii) the decentralized Revuto micro-lending and borrowing platform.

The application, the token, and the DeFi micro-lending and borrowing platform will each play a distinct role in siphoning back a portion of the value generated by the ecosystem back to its loyal users.

Revuto is uniquely different from other blockchain-based projects because it looks outwards rather than inwards both in its ecosystem growth and adoption approach. It seeks to create a subscription management solution with immediate real-world applications. Rather than catering to a niche audience of existing crypto users, Revuto seeks to bring crypto to the mainstream world.


Revuto DApp

Revuto DApp (Image from Revuto Medium Channel)

Revuto dApp is Revuto’s flagship product and will be the first DApp on the Cardano blockchain It is a decentralized mobile application that enables users to actively manage their subscriptions from a single dashboard. By using Revuto users may approve, block or snooze subscription charges as they occur. Thus, if a user wants to postpone his subscription payment or totally cancel his subscription, there is no need to visit the website, Revuto is the go-to app.

Furthermore, by paying subscriptions through the Revuto dApp, users will have the opportunity to earn rewards, receive cashback, and apply for micro-loans paid out in crypto. The micro-lending feature will provide users with easy access to liquidity, allowing them to better manage their cash flows and never miss a subscription payment.

Revuto DApp (Image from Revuto's Medium Channel)

The Revuto dApp will support both push and pull payment options, where push payments will require user’s authorization on each billing cycle, while pull payments will be automatic. All subscription payments with Revuto will be made using actively managed Revuto Virtual Debit Cards supporting fiat currencies, REVU tokens and Cardano-native EURR stablecoin. These virtual cars can be easily topped up.

Initially, Revuto will offer support common subscriptions such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, to name a few. However, as time goes by it will also broaden its product offering by adding support for other recurring payments such as utilities, cable and cell phone bills, or gym memberships.

REVU Token

$REVU Token

The $REVU token is Revuto’s utility token native to the Cardano blockchain. Its purpose will be twofold: to serve as a governance token for the Revuto ecosystem through staking and pose as collateral for micro-loans on Revuto’s decentralized micro-lending and borrowing platform. By simply holding $REVU tokens users can save money and pay less in crypto for subscription charges than they would with fiat money.

The total supply of $REVU tokens upon the Revuto platform’s launch will be hard-capped to 280,125,000 REVU tokens. To ensure optimal decentralization in terms of holdings, the $REVU tokens will be distributed to as many Revuto users as possible. If you want to get hold of some $REVU tokens, you may use this link to sign up for Revuto, We will both get some $REVU tokens.

Revuto will partner up with crypto exchanges to ensure the availability of a significant number of trading pairs against $REVU tokens. With its own ERC-20 converter, Revuto will introduce wrapped ERC-20 REVU tokens (wREVU) on the Ethereum network to allow users to trade their tokens on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.

Users who lock their $REVU tokens in the staking contract will get access to unique product benefits and staking rewards, and two, staking reduces the number of tokens in circulation, prevent volatility and creates constant demand pressure on the REVU token. In order to guarantee healthy growth of the Revuto ecosystem and siphon value to REVU token holders, Revuto will periodically administer open market buybacks of REVU tokens using 40 percent of the total revenue generated by the protocol.


Microlending and Borrowing


Revuto’s decentralized micro-lending and borrowing platform will give $REVU token holders quick and easy access to liquidity in the form of small loans denominated in EURR stablecoins. The goal is to allow REVU token holders to pay their subscription payments on time without liquidating their REVU holdings. In this way, users will keep their long exposure to REVU tokens and keep earning staking rewards even when they do not have cash for subscription payments at hand.

Token holders will take out loans by staking their REVU tokens as collateral on the platform. The amount they can borrow will depend on the value of the deposited collateral. The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio will initially be set at 2:1. For example, with USD 100 worth of $REVU tokens staked, a user will be able to borrow 50 $EURR tokens that the user can used to pay his subscriptions without losing his $REVU tokens.


Revuto is indeed a revolutionary service. It will not only put all of our subscriptions in a simple, intuitive and easily accessible single-dashboard. By utilizing blockchain technology and DeFi it will give us the full control on the management and payment of our subscriptions. Additionally, it will save us both our time and money.

Everyone deserves a clean and pleasant subscription management experience without so much noise and efforts. As the subscription market constantly grows and without any tough competition for the services it similarly offer, Revuto will have a great opportunity to become an integral part of everyone’s life.

If you want to get hold of some $REVU tokens, you may use this link to sign up for Revuto, We will both get some $REVU tokens.


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