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Gardening Adventures: Succulent Serendipity | Pixie Palace Plantings 🪴🌱

By pixiepost | Pixie Palace Vlogs | 30 Jul 2021

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Many of you have been asking about my gardening adventures & how my plant journey is going....

While my lavender is struggling (due to the high temperatures & smoky air from the CA fires), I took a leap of faith & bought some more plant babies....


So, enjoy the new additions to the family & let me know in the comments below what your favorite plants or flowers are! 🌸🪴🌱


While this video may not be as "polished" as my others, it's still fun showing all of you what new beginnings are happening at the Pixie Palace as summer soon's never too late to start something new & reinvest in your own joy!

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Today’s Music: Summer Crush - Maiwan (through Epidemic Sound)

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