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By pixiepost | Pixie Power Gaming | 17 Feb 2021

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A new Season has begun in the world of @splinterlands & this time around, I am here to play for the long haul..

I am back to battling with some familiar Monsters (as well as some new ones I have grown to appreciate) as the Pixie Dust flies while duking it out with my opponents...

Throw in some loot chests from last Season as well as some other goodies & some newfound knowledge I have obtained along the way, I am feeling I am getting my groove back FINALLY...

But what really astounds me is what the result was as I battle my way through....


Come join me on this latest #gaming adventure as we start the season with a bang...let me know what your path is all about & what cards you really enjoy playing...

Quality engagement is always rewarded & thank you for watching!
Keep kicking arse & keep battling out there! ⚔️

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DISCLAIMER: Bad language IS uttered & my usual insanity is very present….you were warned! ;)

Not a player yet? Click here to see Splinterlands & give it a try. Let me know how you like it!

Today’s Music: Final Phaze - Jerry Lacey

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