Publish0x Tipping Study - How tokens are distributed and how much you can make just from tipping

Publish0x Tipping Study - How tokens are distributed and how much you can make just from tipping

I've seen more and more talks emerge about tipping in Publish0x regarding which coins are given the most, if the chosen percentage has an impact on the tip value, and so on.

I've been a reader/writer here since January, and over the past three weeks, I've recorded all of my tips in order to get actual factual data to interpret and try to answer some questions. Do you get a smaller overall tip if you want to give it all to yourself? Is your generosity rewarded if you give the highest percentage to the author? Is there even such a big difference between the percentages? Which coin is given the most? Which coin is given the least? How much can you actually make just from tipping? These are some of the questions we'll try to answer today. 


Disclaimer: A 3-week study is way too short to draw any real conclusion. I will just share some numbers and observations here, that everyone will be free to read and interpret as they please.


Before we. start, here are the basic hypothesis of my study, as I wanted to ensure the only element that would vary was the percentage:

  • Each percentage split has been conducted daily, over the course of 7 days, from Monday to Sunday
  • All the tips have been given from the same account, the same IP address, and around the same times (between 8am and 10am GMT+1)
  • Each tip given during one single day has been given to 7 different authors
  • The USD equivalent has been calculated from the current value of each coin on CoinMarketCap at the time of the tip
  • The rewards mentioned below obviously do not include the tips I've received for my own published articles
  • My main observations included:
    • how many times each coin was given (distribution)
    • how many times each coin was given as a first tip (because we know the first tip is always the biggest)
    • how much was given to me
    • how much was given to the author
    • how much USD was given total


Without further ado, let's get going with the results!


WEEK 1 - 80% to me, 20% to the author




Week total tokens distributed: 8.4296 LRC | 1.4348 BAT | 0.0772 DAI

Week total USD: $0.6353

Daily average USD: $0,0908



The first observation I can make here is an answer to a question I was not even asking myself, the 80/20 percentage distribution is accurate.

We can also see that almost no DAI was given throughout the week, with only 12% of tips being the stablecoin. 

LRC is the most present coin, but it's basically even with BAT.

We can also notice that BAT was, most the of the time, given as the first tip.

The average USD total per day is a bit under 10 cents, which supports what the Publish0x Team claims.


WEEK 2 - 50% to me, 50% to the author




Week total tokens: 11.0418 LRC | 0.6472 BAT | 0.1694 DAI

Week total USD: $0.6644

Daily average USD: $0.0949



The percentage split is once again accurate.

The total number of USD in the week is about the same. It's a bit higher (+$0.01) but I don't think we can draw any conclusion from that. Same thing for the daily average.

This week again, LRC was the most given coin, but DAI came back in the race with the most first tips and was even distributed more than BAT, which was unexpected. Unfortunately, BAT really seems to suffer from the arrival of LRC on the platform...


WEEK 3 - 20% to me, 80% to the author



Week total tokens: 5.9351 LRC | 0.8975 BAT | 0.2676 DAI

Week total USD: $0.6527

Daily average USD: $0.0932



I had the feeling DAI was slowly disappearing from Publish0x, but it has seen a pretty impressive increase in distribution over the last 3 weeks.

On the other hand, I'm definitely getting way less BAT than I used to.

LRC is still not often given as a first tip, but it has a decent and even distribution


Bonus: Combined numbers of the 3 weeks


Total tokens: 25.4065 LRC | 2.9795 BAT | 0.5142 DAI

Total USD: $1.9524

Daily average USD: $0.0930

Highest paying day: $0.1069 (Week 3)

Lowest paying day: $0.0815 (Week 3)




Before LRC arrived, I was definitely getting more BAT, the main thing I take out of these numbers is how fast LRC overgrew BAT in the global distribution.

I was also surprised by the high number of DAI being distributed, LRC obviously took over the majority of tips, but I feel like it evened out the distribution of BAT and DAI since I used to get more BAT than DAI before.

I had seen that question pop up on the Telegram channel so it's interesting to answer it as well, the maximum amount of money you can make just by tipping appears to be $0.50 per week, with a 80%/20% split.

Even though LRC is the most distributed token, it is still rarely given as a first tip, thus giving us more chance of getting other tokens, even if we receive them less often.

Finally, we can also see that, whether you keep 80% to you or give 80% to the author, the total tip will always remain around 8~10 cents.


What conclusions can you draw with the numbers I have shared?

I have the detail of each and every tip received during these 3 weeks, don't hesitate to ask if you want to see some specific numbers.


Thanks for reading!




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