May Situation Report

Not a lot happened this month from a content creation point of view, I took some time off internet and creation to focus more on me and new projects. Crypto wise, as you know, the market went crazy but I haven't sold anything. NEXO has been providing daily interests as usual and I'm confident everything I hodl will bounce back eventually.

Publish0x: I only wrote 8 posts and got 15 new subscribers, way less than my monthly average of 13 posts and 30 subs since the beginning of the year. But I'm okay with these numbers, they're the result of several facts. First of all, I decided to write more specific articles, about content creation and my personal work, so that sets aside my (formerly) usual posts about finance, crypto, sports and whatever else I used to write about. The other main reason is the weather: with the sun showing up again, I went out more to take new stock pictures to sell and wildlife photos for me/Instagram. This, added to the time off I took, means less content, but I am satisfied with the numbers. Some articles did better than I thought they would, and posting during a market crash means the tips will be worth more when the prices rise again anyway, it's the Publish0x author's equivalent to "buying the dip"!

Buy Me A Coffee: I did not get any coffee this month, which makes sense since I haven't really posted any kind of content lately. But I did upload a new extra (a digital product that you can download, for free) and got one new follower! I will be posting new extras for videographers and photographers every once in a while, related to technical articles I will post here, and they will almost certainly always be free. It's up for grabs if people can't afford it, and a tip is still possible and appreciated if they feel like it! My goal is to help creators on a budget, so free content just makes sense. It's also a good incentive and way to make myself known, as long as I don't have any kind of reputation yet, and getting some emails of young creators can't hurt if I, some day, decide to try to sell a product in that niche.

Stock footage: I took and uploaded more pictures this month than any previous month so far and I'm very happy about that. I now have a portfolio of almost 150 pictures and videos on each platform, and it's just a start. For the past 3 months, I have made at least one sale a month, and I'm hoping to see this number increase as I keep uploading new content regularly. It's still just about $5 total, that I can't withdraw until I reach the payment thresholds on the different websites, but I know this is just the beginning and it is nice to see these numbers slowly grow every month. Having a big and diversified portfolio means reaching more people, which in turn means more potential sales. I have been posting on ShutterstockGetty and Adobe Stock, and the month of May brought me my first sales on Getty and Adobe, just when I was wondering whether I should keep trying on these platforms or not. This might be the universe telling me to never give up. Interestingly enough, the exact same pictures were sold on all three websites, so I think I will write an article here comparing the three and detailing how much money one can make on each.

Investments: As I explained in this post, I started investing in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) in April, and I chose to invest only in stocks that offer monthly dividends, as I intend to grow this income source slowly over the years to eventually rely on it as a steady stream. This means I received my first dividend payments in May, about 50 cents total, which was a pretty satisfying feeling. My investment strategy is DCA - Dollar Cost Averaging -, so I set up a recurring investment every Monday, meaning I don't even have to think about it. I still keep a loose eye on the market every now and then as I'm ready to invest in the stocks I'm holding outside of my usual times if I see the prices drop significantly.

Youtube: Even though I did not release any new video this month, and Youtube isn't making me any money, I still reached two (minor) milestones in May: I now have 160 subscribers, and my most viewed video just passed 20,000 views!

I will be posting less content in the next couple months, as I will (finally!) be spending some time with my wife (from whom I've been separated for almost 6 months now, thanks Covid...). I will also be focusing on a new project, the biggest of the year, that I just started working on (as part of my income diversification journey), but I'm not ready to talk about it just yet... I will definitely let you know about it as soon as possible though! And I might write a series of articles about it when (if!) I see it through! 


Again, any advice or feedback is most appreciated, and thank you for your support!

Talk to you soon!




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