Sunset Wonder

By blackmagyk | Photos of the USA | 28 Sep 2020

Sunsets are some of the most beautiful things that happen on a daily occurrence. As I live on the east coast of the USA I don't get top experience these phenomena unless I travel. Recently I took a road trip across the continental USA and in previous I have traveled to other countries such as China. During my travels, many pictures were taken and every time that I witness a beautiful sunset I really just can't help myself.

This photo was taken at my Uncle's house in Bellevue, Washington in the USA. They live on a hill overseeing Seattle and get the opportunity to see sunsets like this every day. The real magic of a sunset is hard to capture on camera.

This photo is one of my favorite pictures that I personally took of all time. This was taken on the HuangShan Mountains in China. Personally I could have stayed in this moment forever if I was allowed.

This photo was taken in Yellowstone National Park. I didn't actually mean for it to be a sunset photo but the sun was just setting from the mountains and I thought the sun's rays looked really aesthetic.

Speaking of Yellowstone, below I have linked to a couple of my Yellowstone posts if anyone is interested.

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Photos of the USA
Photos of the USA

A place to store and share all the photos that I have taken around the USA through my travels.

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