Yellowstone National Park pt. 5

By blackmagyk | Photos of the USA | 24 Sep 2020

Hey everyone, I got some more photos for yall today. Today's theme is water again! Waterfalls, springs, and more! I have also attached part 1 - part 4 in case anyone wants to see some more.

If you look at this toothpick looking things around the hot springs, you can tell that they are all dead. This is because before this spring formed, there was nothing else around these trees, it was in the middle of the forest.

This waterfall is part of the Snake River in Yellowstone. It is one of many falls that one can visit and part of the Snake River. This view isn't the best but still looks much better in real life.

Another example of the beauty that nature can hold. If you don't walk into the park deeper, one would never see these small and relatively unknown gems.

Thanks for reading, if you would like more, please feel free to comment and like.


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Photos of the USA
Photos of the USA

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