What I Will Be Doing With My Stimulus Check This Monday

By Mako Taco | Personal Finance | 2 Jan 2021

I was pleasantly surprised to see my stimulus ready to be used on 01/04/2021! Here is what I plan to do with my money:

1. Pay off my car

I have $99.29 left to pay off. Throughout 2020, I've been paying double (sometimes 1.5x) the payment to have it go by quickly. Paying this off will help me achieve my goal of increasing my credit score. One of the goals that I have set for myself this year is to have my credit score go up to 780-800. Currently it is sitting at 763. I'd like to think I am doing well building my credit considering my credit file will be turning 2 years old mid-January. One of the goals I've omitted from my previous article was to be a home owner before my mid twenties (Currently 22). 

2. Buy more Crypto

Just going to dump $200 in ETH & $200 in BTC

3. Keep the remainder liquid.

The $100.71 left over will be left liquid. I might keep it in my savings account or use it to indulge a bit. I know I should use this to dump into more crypto, perhaps into some ZIL, GRT, or NFTX, BUT I might use it to buy some more ammo and get some range time. Only time will tell if I do use it irresponsibly. I might lower that spending cap to less than $50. That remains unknown for now, but plan 1 and 2 are what I will do 100%.

I would like to know what you will be doing with YOUR stimulus check in the comments below. If you aren't getting one, I would still like to hear what you would do with an extra $600 in the comment section. Here's to a productive year! Cheers!



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Mako Taco
Mako Taco

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Personal Finance
Personal Finance

Here's how I plan on handling my money.

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