Portfolio Recap - Friday - 1.10.2020

The week has come to an end! I work Friday through Sunday so Friday is the one day that I don't get to watch the market progress throughout the day. So how did we end up for that day? Let's take a look!

M1 Finance


Realty Income, Coca-Cola and P&G were the only winners from my M1 Portfolio today. I love my big crowd favorites. They always treat me well. My biggest loser for the day. 


Worthy Bonds


No new bonds fell in to Worthy so we are still chugging along with 230 bonds right now. A Round-Up was trigger, however, so I'll have a new bond falling in on Monday or Tuesday. 




Bumped has a 37¢ reward fall in from Kroger. I use Kroger for groceries as well as my fuel so I get stock back rewards on both types of transactions. Kroger is my largest holding within my Bumped portfolio.



Pretty calm Friday overall. Nothing has me too scared and nothing has me getting too excited! If you enjoy watching the progress be sure to leave a tip and a comment and let me know if you have any questions!

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Personal Finance and Investing
Personal Finance and Investing

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