New App From Fidelity?

Fidelity Spire

If you guys have been following me for a bit you probably know that I love Fidelity for my investment and money solutions. My company 401k is there, my Roth is there, and my individual brokerage account is there. 

I use a lot of different products from them including robo advisor accounts as well as their 2% cash back credit card. So you will hear me hype them up all the time!

To add to their line of services they have just released a financial planning and budgeting tool/app. The app is called Fidelity Spire and is a portal for you to see a snapshot of all your finances in one place. It also allows you to set goals for your finances based on whatever constraints you want, and there is even a section of the app that has educational material for you to read.

The best part? It automatically connects to your existing Fidelity's accounts AND you can add accounts from outside of Fidelity to be monitored and included as well!

I'm looking forward to seeing how this app can best serve me and what type of feedback I will be able to provide for Fidelity. 

If you interested in trying it out, they are actually running a $5 referral bonus. This is something Fidelity had never done before but I think it's a good incentive for those that want to begin the process of learning to manage and watch their finances. Check out my Fidelity Spire Link if you wanna give it a shot!

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Personal Finance and Investing
Personal Finance and Investing

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