What if? (Gaming and crypto)

By Pepelove20 | Pepelove20 | 23 Aug 2021

Alright just imagine a parallel universe where users are actively involved to know the wonders and benefits of cryptocurrency but via gaming, I know what are you thinking... What about axie infinity? Cryptoblades or plants vs the undead? Alright you have a great argument  but I am defining gaming as the classic pvp fps fast pacing game or maybe a sim racing game where you can tune up your cars or a survival game like l4D2 or PUBG, I hope that these two concepts merge into one because wether we like it or not the future is intertwined with crypto from smart contracts to decentralized banking and ledgers where all transactions are validated and held accountable.

Well imagine big companies like Microsoft of Bethesda or ID SOFTWARE really pouring resources and R&D into merging these concepts.

The whole idea is to grow and understand better this new technology and the gateway might as well be trough gaming! Let me know the games you play that involve NFT or farming/stacking, or just games in general like Zelda, Metroid, Mario or warzone, honestly anything goes!! 


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