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By Pig Corner | Pig Corner | 29 Dec 2020

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ab666a9bf042468191419fe6b9d7118c125a87e596441efb0322e71319a14650.pngImagine a capsule containing your data such as your passwords, your wallet keys, but also secret codes, photos, videos, audio, writings, memories.
A protected capsule that can only be opened by the recipient (s) of your choice.
A capsule that will survive you through time in the blockchain after your death.

No, this is not the synopsis for an episode of Black Mirror.



We must recognize that even if our disappearance is not a pleasant subject, when we travel on the blockchain there are things to transmit.
Like the things that give access to your treasures and then the more personal things.


The Ternoa project offers several types of capsules to transport your memories into the future.

The Story capsule which will allow you to share your memories, tell stories or even the Pass capsule to save your passwords and be able to send them to the person of your choice in the event of an unfortunate unforeseen event.

Of course your capsules are encrypted, they are decentralized on the blockchain.

You can choose when you want your capsule to be delivered to the recipient or automatically let it be in case you are in the official death register.




How to create your capsule ?

Ternoa wants to reach the general public as much as possible, not just the public used to the world of blockchain.

They have therefore created a smartphone application that allows you to create your capsules and pay in cryptocurrency as well as in euros or dollars.



Ternoa and its Token

The "capsule coin"

The token sales campaign will be launched in 2021.

It's up to you to see if you want to invest in a project which I must admit to a few positive points such as the team surrounding the project or the fact that the project is unique (I believe) and therefore without too much competition.



Would you like to have Ternoa Tokens already?
We will have to parachute ...

To celebrate the launch of its application, Ternoa offers you 5 options that will allow you to win up to 1000 Capsule Coin tokens!

The end of the Airdrop is February 28, 2021



In summary

Ternoa is the first app that can let you send a message after your death!
Send your life story to your family.
Send all your passwords to a trusted member.
And more…
Ternoa offers a token management model designed to be resilient over time thanks to our overall architecture operating with a dual-use non-fungible token (NFT) as well as a distributed masternode system.
The NFT contains:
The Capsule which houses the encryption key to ensure the security and confidentiality of the content and the Capsule Coins. These Capsule Coins pay for the MasterNodes which guarantee the stability and storage of data over time.



A new project with a strong team, a product without any real competition and which targets the general public.

In short, to keep an eye ...

Thanks for reading
and happy new year 2021


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