Five sites to know about the blockchain

Five sites to know about the blockchain

By Pig Corner | Pig Corner | 16 Dec 2020


Hello friends.

Here is a list of sites to keep in order to stay informed and protect yourself as much as possible.

Hope you enjoy the article and that it helps you in the Blockchain univers

Pay attention





Protection / Security





Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach

Allows you to check if your email address has been stolen. Useful if you receive a questionable message from a company you know.




Scam Doc


ScamDoc assesses the reliability of "digital identities" (email address or website).

It provides answers to questions frequently asked by Internet users:

Checks if a website is reliable or not

Detects fraudulent emails

ScamDoc uses a web service called ScamPredictor which uses an artificial intelligence classification system.

Enter email or website url to get detailed report with trust score!






Track, analyze and discover decentralized applications (dapps)

Allows you to analyze the seriousness of certain Smart Contracts.





An excellent site in French which gives you a large list of sites to avoid so as not to get ripped off.

To compose this list of 8,081 scams exploiting the reputation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, we crossed sever

al sources






DeadCoins is a community site or forum intended for online discussions. On the DeadCoin Forum, the contributors can post to the best of their


knowledge information about a dead or a dying coin.



Blacklist of AMF cryptocurrency sites of October 19, 2020


The next article will give you other sources and sites to know to learn about cryptocurrencies.

Thank you

Patrick Gere


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Pig Corner
Pig Corner

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Pig Corner
Pig Corner

Passionate, I venture into the jungle of blockchain. Interested in projects, but also in the idea that money becomes a tool. While learning, I move forward and share my discoveries with you… Cryptocurrency, NFT, Web3 Games, Technology etc. Passionné, je m'aventure dans la jungle de la blockchain. Intéressé par les projets, mais aussi par l'idée que l'argent devient un outil. Tout en apprenant, j’avance et partage avec vous mes découvertes… Crypto-monnaie, NFT, jeux Web3, technologie, Free the piggy bank

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