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By Pig Corner | Pig Corner | 17 Dec 2020


Hello cryptosphere

Forgive me if my English is not perfect.

I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast but not a specialist so I have spent many hours reading articles and listening to videos to share this document which I hope will help you.

I am convinced that the sharing and transmission of knowledge are important and I like being able to share what I learn as I do with my job as a market gardener.

Do not hesitate to indicate in the comments if you have other tips, sites, software and others to deepen the subject.

Thank you to you and happy reading ...




As you know, there are no quick fixes.

The following method helps to take precautions, but the risk is still present.

The blockchain clairvoyance ball does not yet exist.

The ideal is to only use a small percentage of your wallet for this type of Tokens




Process / Method


01 / Go to the site
02 / Click on the "Cryptocurrenties" tab



03 / When your mouse is on the Cryptocurements tab, a window opens.
Choose the "Recently Added" section
This is where the new Tokens are and who knows, maybe the next nugget.




04 / Click on a project that you want to see, understand and analyze




This is where your concentration should be at its peak
This is where the detective in you must resurface.


5/ You are now on the coinmarketcap sheet of the token that interests you.
You can see there:


- 1 / The price of the Token
- 2 / No information on Marketcap and this is normal. The token is new, it is too early.
- 3 / Its volume in 24 hours
- 4 / No information on Circulating Supply and this is normal. The token is new, it is too early.
- 5 / Max Supply




6 / On the left you will find the project website.
Click to access the site




7 / You have arrived on the project site
Your investigation will be ready to begin


Info: The project below was chosen at random, to give an example.
I do not know him



8 / Search the site for team members.
- Who are you?
- Their experiences?
Find out what you can on them through the site and through social networks.
This lets you know if you are dealing with serious people who have experience.




9 / Consult the white paper


The white paper describes the objective of the project and the means used for its implementation. An interesting white paper goes deep into the technical details.





10 / Read as much as possible on the site as well as in the white paper.
It is important to be familiar with the project where you might like to invest



Understand the problem this new project wants to solve.
Is he going to come up with something new ?
Does it offer real solutions ?
Are there other competitors with the same type of ideas ?
Does it provide solutions without creating new problems ?


11 / Check that the project has an MVP (the minimum viable product).


MVP is the version of a product that achieves maximum customer feedback with minimum effort. It also refers to the strategy used to manufacture, test and market this product. The interest of the minimum viable product is to assess the viability of a new economic model.
Even if a project seems interesting to you and makes you dream, don't invest in projects that sell dreams and promises, it is not enough.
Choose a company that has already tested the market and therefore already has customers.



Remember, just because one project took 200% doesn't mean it's the one to take. It may be better to move towards a project that is in loss and which, according to your analyzes, should go up.
12 / Try to find the comments, the opinions of the customers. This is a good basis for getting an idea of the seriousness of a project



13 / Use tools
For example the site
« »



On the "" site you can find new projects that have potential, but also those to avoid.
The advantage is that already does a little project analysis.


There are also the projects listed on
This does not mean that the projects are financially attractive, but the fact that they are listed on the site is already a guarantee.



14 / Transparency
- Check the entire project site.
- Check that there are no lies either about the project or about the experience of the people behind the project.
- Check customer reviews.




15 / Flee

- Run away if you see negative reviews from customers
- Avoid if you find suspicious scam stories on the internet.
- Run away if you can't find any information about the team members
- Run away if the site promises too many big winnings.
- Flee if the site is badly done with errors.
- Run away if the project does not interest you
- Run away if your instinct tells you to



16 / do in-depth research
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Telegram
- Official discord
- Youtube
- Specialized sites
- Instagram
- Linkedin




17 / Metcalfe's law or the network effect


Metcalfe's Law explains the effects of networks in the field of information technology that apply to social networks and the internet.
This simply explains that the more users there are in a network, the more valuable the network will be.
This is important because a business that already has a large network and comes to market with a new product will be better protected against potential competitors.



18 / Analyze the token
- What will the token be used for?
- How could the token increase in value?
- How many tokens on the market?
- How will the tokens be distributed?
If, for example, you see that a large percentage of the tokens are going to belong to the company, run away.
- Will the number be limited?
- Number of tokens in circulation?
- The volume of trade?



19 / Analyze the competition
- Is the project innovative or are there competitors?
- The advance of the competition?
- The difference with the competition?




20 / Analyze partnerships


- Who are the project and / or company partners
- Who are you?
- The seriousness of the partners ?


21 / And the community around the project?


- Is there a community?- Is the community active?
- Do you agree with the values of the community



To finish
All of this doesn't guarantee that you'll find the nugget everyone is looking for, but it will significantly reduce the risk of hitting already dead projects.
It is important to understand and know a project.
It is important to love and believe in it so as not to be stressed by market fluctuations.
You don't have to go through all of the steps written in the article, in a matter of minutes you should be able to make a selection before you go any further and burn off your energy.
Thanks for reading and take care

Patrick Gere

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Pig Corner
Pig Corner

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