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By Pig Corner | Pig Corner | 28 Dec 2020


The site is in German, but with a translation tool in your browser this is not a problem.

No, no one has invented the site that can predict the future yet.
But grouped with other methods and analyzes, it may be interesting to consult it.
Especially since the site is full of very nice little discoveries.

!!! "My favorite section that I wanted to share is 06 Tools & Analyzes. The previous sections are more classic, but nevertheless just as important »

Little visit ...
1 - Home




The home page is classic, it shows us the price of crypto-currencies in real time in order to follow their evolution. We can of course find this evolution over several periods in the time scale and we have the information on the market capitalization "MarketCap".
02- Token




When you click on a token of your choice on the home page, you are faced with a multitude of information about your token.

You will find

- His price
- Course history
- A comparison on different platforms of the cost of exchanges to find your token at the best price.
- Technical characteristics of blocks and hashing algorithm
- Important historical milestones






03 - Section "Cryptocurrency"




The first tab titled cryptocurrency offers you information such as

Bitcoins Wallet

Bitcoin credit cards

Bitcoin exchanges

Bitcoin savings plans

Alternatives to Bitcoin

and many other things ...
04 - “Counselor” section




The advises section is perfect for beginners or to refresh your memory.
There you will find tons of educational information on what cryptocurrency is, how to use it, buy it, belly, trade it, protect it. You will also have information on smart contracts, challenge, NFT etc.

"If you're reading this and would like to comment on NFTs, I'm interested. I understand the principle, I know where to buy them, but I admit that with so many different NFTs what to choose? ... "
05- “Comparison of providers” section




Here you will find information on broker fees, comparisons. We talk about Ledger and other solutions to protect your treasures.
06- Tools & Analysen




Ha here we are, this is the part of the site that interests me the most and that I wanted to share with you.

You will see there are plenty of very nice little analysis tools that, coupled with other tools, can be complementary and effective.

Even if let's not forget, there is nothing magic, we have to be careful.


If you click directly on the tools & analyzes tab you will see the following table ...




If you put your mouse cursor on the tools and analyzes tab you will see a panel that opens with several possibilities.
06 / 01 - Outils & Analyses


There you’ll tell me, nothing incredible.

This is true, but it is useful to have the comparison of the price of tokens on several exchanges under the calculator.

06 / 02 - Outils & Analyses
Brokerage fees


I find it interesting to have a comparison of broker fees on different famous platform.

It is not always easy, especially in the early days, to be aware of fees and their impact on our portfolios.


06 / 03 - Outils & Analyses
Bitcoin supply visualized


Here you will be able to view information on bitcoin movements such as:

- The number of BTC on the exchanges

- The number of BTC zombies

- The number of BTC extracted per year

and much more ...

06 / 04 - Outils & Analyses
Global Martket capitalization and domination


Here you will find, as the title indicates, information on the market capitalization in different categories such as:

- Global market capitalization and domination

- Market capitalization and domination of crypto-currencies

- Stable market capitalization and domination

- Market capitalization and domination of the smart contract platform

- Market capitalization and domination of DeFi

and even more…

06 / 05 - Outils & Analyses
Bitcoin "Rainbow" price chart


The Rainbow Chart is not investment advice! Past performance is not an indication of future results. The Rainbow Chart is meant to be be a fun way of looking at long term price movements, disregarding the daily volatility “noise”. The color bands follow a logarithmic regression (introduced by Bitcointalk User trolololo in 2014), but are otherwise completely arbitrary and without any scientific basis. In other words: It will only be correct until one day it isn’t anymore.


Isn't that beautiful?
Wishing you luck with this rainbow photo ...


06 / 06 - Outils & Analyses
Cryptocurrency Correlation Study


Here you will find an impressive number of graphics that show you the correlations between BTC and other cryptocurrencies, but also with stocks and gold. And much more…




06 / 07 - Outils & Analyses
Altcoin Season Index


Are you the altcoins or BTC season type?
Here it’s not a crystal ball, but it’s still interesting to follow.



06 / 08 - Outils & Analyses
Return King



Here you will be able to compare the return on investment per day, month, year etc.


As you can imagine, I haven't done the whole site, there is still plenty to discover.

I will therefore end the visit by ending with the image of the map of the cryptocurrency world.


Thank you for reading this article and Happy New Year to you and your families ...




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