Quick-Buck Opportunity #2: Earn Some Quick-Crypto With Coinbase: Earn

Quick-Buck Opportunity #2: Earn Some Quick-Crypto With Coinbase: Earn

By Wantandable | PassiveIncome | 12 Jul 2020

Welcome back to another Quick-Buck Opportunity! I specialize in building passive income streams and sharing them with others, but this series focuses on opportunities out there "On-The-Line" to make some extra dollars (or Satoshis) quickly!

So for those who have been living under a rock, Coinbase is one of the largest exchanges out there that offer Fiat to Crypto exchange. They're US based but offer services in many countries. I'm not going to delve much into explaining them as I believe almost anyone in the Crypto world will be quite familiar.

Our Quick-Buck Opportunity comes in the form of Coinbase: Earn. This is a platform launched within the Coinbase-universe to allow users to earn a sizable amount of various currencies exchanged on Coinbase, and all they have to do is learn a bit about the currency via informative videos, and answer a handful of simple questions.

The goal here from Coinbase' end is simple. If you learn about these cryptos and their unique properties, you will be more likely to use them and therefore exchange them on Coinbase! So that's why they've decided to launch this service. But you and I are here for one reason only. The Quick-Buck! So what do we need to do?

It's as simple as watching a video like the one below and answering a single multiple choice question about the video. To be clear, watching the below video and answering a single (easy) question will net you 1 dollar worth of BAT!

Step 1) Make a Coinbase account if you don't already have one. This involves giving up personal information, and identifying documents such as a drivers license.

Step 2) Visit Coinbase: Earn and sign up to waitlists to begin earning your favourite Crypto! It's that simple.

The cryptocurrencies currently available include: Brave Attention Token (BAT), Dai, 0x (ZRX), Zcash (ZEC) , Stellar Lumens (XLM), EOS, Tezos (XTZ), and Orchid (OXT). Oh and who could forget the high profile addition of the last few weeks of COMPOUND. What's great is this list is always growing. When I first did Earn about a year ago there were only 4 currencies available and now there is 9!

All you do is click on the currency to add yourself to the waitlist, and then Coinbase emails you when it's your turn to begin earning! This waitlist length could depend on multiple factors including your location or the specific currency. Some of you may receive an email immediately while others will have to wait, also you may be able to skip this waitlist with a referral link for some of the currencies like XLM, OXT, or . I have linked a referral for "Earn XLM" here to hopefully let you skip the line and earn your $10 of XLM right away!

The process of actually earning the currency consists of merely watching a handful of nicely animated videos that teach you a bit about the currency. And then answering a straightforward multiple choice question after each one. Each question you answer will pay you a couple of dollars. It doesn't take long, but you can come and go as you please if you don't have time to finish it all at once. And if you're already well educated about the crypto you don't even have to watch the video! Just skip to the end and answer.

What's great about your earnings from this is you can swap them for your preferred crypto right away, right on the Coinbase platform. If you're like me you don't want to have a few dollars of a bunch of random currencies. You can use this to get a sizable amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum in a short time span!

When you add up the value in USD that you can potentially acquire you're looking at least $150 of crypto (possibly more) you could earn when you combine the lessons themselves and the referral bonuses possible. Those referral bonuses are available with a few of the cryptos on Earn. XLM, OXT, and EOS for sure. And they allow you to earn $10 worth of their respective currencies by giving peopler you personalized link that should allow them to skip the waitlist and begin learning and earning the specific currency immediately.

So here's the situation. This isn't really a classic Quick-Buck Opportunity unless you already have a Coinbase account. If you find yourself needing to do the signup process that does take a bit of time. Also you may have to wait on waitlists for many of the Earning opportunities, and that's certainly not quick! However if you get lucky and don't have to wait, or have a referral, OR you get that email saying "It's your turn to Earn!" this does suddenly become a VERY Quick-Buck. As it's only going to take you less than 5 minutes to finish some crypto-lessons and get paid immediately. Plus it's a sizable amunt considering how small the time investment is when it comes to actually doing the lessons. And that's why I've decided it IS in fact one of our Quick-Buck Opportunities! Even if you put yourself on the waitlist and end up having to wait a few months its not that bad. You're just planting a little money seed for your future self and eventually that email will come! And when it does you'll be glad you signed up!

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