Tron staking

Crypto Income #1 Staking on Tron

By knohen | Passive Income | 15 Jan 2020

This series will be about various ways of generating passive income.

To start off I would like to show you an easy way to stake Tron (TRX).

Tron Staking

For anyone who doesn’t know what staking is, it’s a way to support a blockchain network by holding its token. By holding the token you get a reward based on the tokens staked, you can think of it as classical interest.

A big problem with classic interest is, that the interest rates are almost never exceeding 1% annually, with Tron you get 7%-9% and the price could always go up!

There are many other exciting blockchain projects using different forms of Proof of Stake, I will create a review for every project that I think is worth mentioning!


Anyways, to start staking Tron you only have to deposit it to your binance wallet, that’s it! Normally you have to lock your tokens away to stake them, so that’s really convenient.

Also the biggest factor, why I even consider building a bigger position in Tron, is Bittorrent. As you propably already know Justin Sun bought Bittorrent for about 126$ million. Shortly after that I realized that I kept getting BTT, Bittorrents Token. I don’t know the returns on BTT at the moment, but this is definitely a long term investment, as Bittorrent has huge potential.


Bittorrent Reward



If you haven’t already got an account on binance, use this link to get 5% off, on all your trading fees.


To check your rewards, go to your Binance wallet and click on the Distribution history tab on the left side.

There you can see all your already earned staking rewards.


Staking rewards

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Passive Income
Passive Income

This Blog will be about every way you can generate income through crypto. There will mainly be Reviews about Staking coins, games and advertisement dapps.

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