My crypto portfolio update selling of my free DOGE, ADA rewards, KSM, BCI25, BEST, ETH, DPI, Hive

My crypto portfolio update selling of my free DOGE, ADA rewards, KSM, BCI25, BEST, ETH, DPI, Hive

It has been a week or so since I lust wrote an update on my crypto portfolio. Since then I added some new and old assets to my portfolio.
But before I get into the details I will have to do some disclaimer so you cant write me whining that you lost it all because of me!

DD! Disclaimer! This article is not in any form financial advice! The article depicts my own strategy on investing. I am not responsible for your decisions! Always do your own research before investing! If you invest, only use funds you can afford to loose!  If you are having panic attacks and can not handle when your portfolio swings 20% or more then you are too exposed! AGAIN! I am not to be made responsible for your actions! "Do your own fucking research you dumb fuck!"(  yes even on wsb people are keeping this in mind! they call it DD! Google it! Or much better: PRE SEARCH IT) this article contains referral links, I will make comissions if you register through these links. THX!

I am not paid by bitpanda or any other service I write about! This is my own opinion and you can always discuss with me about it in the comments.

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Lets have a look at my holdings:

I added two assets yesterday:


I added some ADA with my savingsplan on bitpanda. This buys ADA every month on the 15th. I got lucky since the order went through
@ 0.7003€ per ADA you can see the transaction on the picture. 



I also bought the BCI25 again as I will do every month on the 15th also with bitpanda savings which means it automatically gets deducted from my bank account wich makes this a very convenient way to invest every month. I will try to gradually raise the amount I save this way. I am hoping to reach a monthly Investment rate of at least 100€ by the end of the year. We will see if I get there.


As you can see I invested 25€ and I bought 25 assets. Sorry for the bad screenshot but I had to zoom out to get it all in one shot.

For all of you here are all the transactions one by one:

  • Bought BTC  SAVINGS + 0.0001 BTC from: EUR Wallet 4.18 €  
  • Bought ETH  SAVINGS + 0.0018 ETH from: EUR Wallet 2.83 €  
  • Bought BNB  SAVINGS + 0.0186 BNB from: EUR Wallet 2.04 €  
  • Bought ADA  SAVINGS + 2.4719 ADA from: EUR Wallet 1.79 €  
  • Bought XLM  SAVINGS + 2.9135 XLM from: EUR Wallet 1.30 €  
  • Bought DOT  SAVINGS + 0.0490 DOT from: EUR Wallet 1.17 €  
  • Bought BCH  SAVINGS + 0.0017 BCH from: EUR Wallet 1.09 €  
  • Bought LINK  SAVINGS + 0.0367 LINK from: EUR Wallet 1.04 €  
  • Bought LTC  SAVINGS + 0.0055 LTC from: EUR Wallet 1.00 €  
  • Bought UNI  SAVINGS + 0.0487 UNI from: EUR Wallet 0.86 €  
  • Bought AAVE  SAVINGS + 0.0020 AAVE from: EUR Wallet 0.85 €  
  • Bought ATOM  SAVINGS + 0.0357 ATOM from: EUR Wallet 0.73 €  
  • Bought BSV  SAVINGS + 0.0031 BSV from: EUR Wallet 0.68 €  
  • Bought EOS  SAVINGS + 0.1617 EOS from: EUR Wallet 0.67 €  
  • Bought XMR  SAVINGS + 0.0030 XMR from: EUR Wallet 0.57 €  
  • Bought TRX  SAVINGS + 12.2128 TRX from: EUR Wallet 0.55 €  
  • Bought XTZ  SAVINGS + 0.1293 XTZ from: EUR Wallet 0.52 €  
  • Bought THETA  SAVINGS + 0.1718 THETA from: EUR Wallet 0.50 €  
  • Bought VET  SAVINGS + 10.8406 VET from: EUR Wallet 0.51 €  
  • Bought XEM  SAVINGS + 1.5425 XEM from: EUR Wallet 0.51 €  
  • Bought NEO  SAVINGS + 0.0119 NEO from: EUR Wallet 0.44 €  
  • Bought DASH  SAVINGS + 0.0016 DASH from: EUR Wallet 0.36 €  
  • Bought ZEC  SAVINGS + 0.0018 ZEC from: EUR Wallet 0.26 €  
  • Bought ETC  SAVINGS + 0.0193 ETC from: EUR Wallet 0.25 €  
  • Bought YFI  SAVINGS + 0.0000 YFI from: EUR Wallet 0.30 €  
  • Bought WEED WEEDBANK +420 from: DARKNET (no this is not part of the original transaction but thanks for beeing a good reader )



I know it is not much but this amount will hopefully grow in the next few month. Also the initial investment was 101€ as I wrote in my previous article. You can also follow daily updates on my BCI25 Wallet and see how my investment is going. follow @bitpandummy on Instagram!

Let me know in the comments if you did so :)     


On bitpanda I paid for my transaction fees with the native token of bitpanda BEST (bitpana eco system token) It is as BNB is for Binance and I hope in future there is going to be some sort of DEFI options on bitpanda. You get a 20% discount on trading fees if you pay them with BEST so I thought before I pay 1€ for each of my trades I only paid  a total of 1,5 BEST which at current price is a bit more than 1 € which saved me more than 20% IMO but thanks bitpanda I am ok with that.   So how did I get hold of the BEST? Well I moved all my DOGE 2600 approx.  to the bitpanda pro exchange. These Doge I got from collecting from coinpot faucets. Thanks for that coinpot and rest in peace! In the next pic you see all my transactions on the bottom the sell off of my doge at 0.066€ on the 8th. I had a buy order on DOGE if it falls back to 0.039 but I decided to not invest in Doge anymore. Yeah I know but I really dont wanna play cats and dogs with Elon. A lot of people will be mad with me but I seriously don´t like this pumping and dumping. I am a passive investor so I decided to take some profit with something I got as a present. Then I decided to put in some buy orders shorting BEST and ETH and as you can see the dip in the morning of 15th helped me to aquire some extra ETH and BEST. I will try to gradually build up a pile of BEST on the course of the next few years. Only buying HOdling and paying my fees with BEST. If we look at the monthly chart of BEST/€ you will see why I want to accumulate more.    

Here is a list of all my past trades on bitpanda pro screenshot taken @   0ddcab5049914832f2c24932c28d4e4f4e1843409954979ed870d80fd3f1726c.png  

This is the monthly chart of BEST screenshot   2f2c2435255a97904de71dcf017fd9eb60849e616620197a498601b2c57d48df.png screenshot  

Looking sexy? I think so, what a pity that I had the idea this late. I still made a nice profit on my BEST allthough buying 110 of them at over 0,73 but since I also bought the dips I averaged it down good also my initial 50 BEST made a profit of about 40% I had some Euros left thats why I wanted to buy ETH should the market dip. And yes it dipped I got lucky and bought myself some ETH on the side. I will have to accumulate more though since moving this small amounts of ETH kills all your profits. But since I am here for the long term I dont care that much.   Thats all for my actions on bitpanda. Let us see what happened on Binance. I made some mistakes here but in the end it all turned out ok. First I got out my BNB holdings of the launchpad. I exchanged the BNB for KSM at a price of 1,65 BNB per KSM on the next day I already regreted it BNB made a huge jump up and KSM stayed at the same price. So I could have gotten more KSM, but ok lets go on. I I sold of my DEFI shares in the USDT/DAI pool because I wanted to get more exposure on ADA because I thought I can still stake it for 21 % but of course that was sold out so I had bought ADA for not that cheap and then could not get involved in the 21% subscription. So I decided to just HODL on to my ADA and sent them to my wallet to at least delegate it to a pool. That was the first good decision. I also moved my KSM to the Kusama Network but I still have to aquire some more to be able to do some stuff. Well mistake number I don´t know  I just should have bought some more since KSM skyrocketed.

Its over 200$ now and I do not really see it falling any time soon. But I am just an ape who likes that coin. Do your own research!

  4472f63ab15aed5af68488225fca206120746f84c097c8bd85dcf980ed3754e6.png screenshot yeah you can check out your own trades and analize them! You will learn a lot!     Does hurt though that I bought that ADA that high but I really do not care I am planning to hold it for the next few years and we will see what happens.    So thats all from Binance I dont know how I will continue on this exchange, since it will get really complicated tax wise I will try to buy all my coins on bitpanda. But since I have to acquire more KSM and my Eth is staked in eth 2.0 I will stay here for a little longer.   Whats with the DEFI Pulse Index? Well I like that Index. My holdings have not changed since I have not enough ETH to buy the DPI so I just stick with my initial investment. Bought as you may see on the picture It has paid off very well so far and I have a 100$ profit on my 87$ Investment. ETH fees would kill half of my profit if I would sell now. Thats why I need more ETH to put it in the INDEX so 50$ of gas fees don´t kill 50% of my investment.   cf1124cb7dc38035c73da77a7b236ddae3ed55062a15c6d3f2cdc87ab42531e0.png screenshot  

My ADA holdings have reached past 1000 ADA and I am planning to double this amount by the end of the year. Also every 4 days I get a small reward which will help me accumulate about 60 ADA in interest in the first year! If I have some extra income it will all go into these different assets. How I get all this extra income? The story starts in this article: HERE

Thanks for your time! Consider leaving a like and any tip of your choosing! Much Love bitpandummy


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