Brave browser with Binance widget

Today Binance is available with your Brave browser

By Pasucaru | Crypto on fire | 1 May 2020


First if you don't know Brave browser (android also),  you can  find  here    or  (

Check your Brave browser, today the link with Binance famous trade platform is now avalaible, to find the Binance widget look in a  new page in the Brave browser.


This new Binance link allow you to manage your Binance account for trading cryptocurrency. 

According to Binance blog :

"- Summary: Viewing Binance account asset balances

- Deposit: Listing supported assets in the account, searching for specific assets, and viewing fiat value (Selecting an asset from this list will also reveal the deposit address in text and QRCode form)

- Convert: Converting from one asset to another (A conversion quote is displayed for 30 seconds; the Binance widget reflects the new balance in the “summary” tab soon after the conversion has completed)

-Buy: Buying and selling crypto assets (Purchases are reflected in the Binance widget shortly after they have concluded) "

In addition note that "The Binance widget will be available on Brave’s mobile platforms later this year."

If you don't have Binance  you can download from here 

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Crypto on fire
Crypto on fire

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