KRYLL : crypto trading "bots"

By Pasucaru | Crypto on fire | 28 Jan 2021

Do you have time to trade everyday or may be sometime you wait for the best trade all the night  ?

Do you know how to code a trading "bot" ( bot means automatic trading without psychological bias)  ?

If the answers are NO for both questions you can find something for you in the Kryll marketplace (if yes to the second question, you can code your own strategy on Kryll plateform and why not earn with your own bot...)

First Kryll platform allow you to test all strategies/bot you want without any subscription i. e. you can execute bots  with "backtest" for free (Tutorials here). For instance in my case I tried the ETH/USDT pair with several bot to compare in the same bullish and bearish period to know how was the bot's behavior. In addition each developer gives you informations to start the bot (with full ETH or full USDT or mixed in my experience), and most of them have a Telegram channel to give some advices .0b5be7b0a5df679dd6d7b900d260749ee5c05026d7ce582de4d1b9829943d7fe.jpg

Once you have choice your bots/strategies, you are ready to start one or more bot, the next step is :

- to supply the gas (fees) for bots , in fact the bot is running with some KRL token (swap from Uniswap, transfer from Liquid exchange , ... or buy from Kryll platform to KRL Wallet),


- and to link your exchange (Binance, Kraken, Liquid, Bittrex, HitBit, Kucoin,  FTX) with the API (your assets stay in your exchange, the bots just manage trades through API ).


Several bots can run together, and could be a good idea to optimize your results (as usual you could earn or lose money depends on the bot and the market of course). Most bots are designed for long term strategy, some have a "piggy" bank (keep profits).

Now your turn if you want, you can use my link here to get 30% discount on all strategies costs (in KRL) for 2 weeks





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