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I recently discovered this brave new crypto blockchain games world, and although I entered maybe a little late for some of you, it is way early comparing to the rest of the world. So I decided to see how much money could I earn in a month casually playing the maximum games I could enter for free. So I will divide this post by game so you can go directly to the game(s) you want to learn more and I'll leave links if you want to join any of them. I will try to keep things short so you can see which games can earn you the most without extensive reading, so this is not a guide. 

Alien Worlds

It had to be the 1st. But it wasn't the 1st I tried actually but it's the most played (by everyone and me too now). This game has the most active users and its in-game currency (TLM) was recently added to Binance. And that's how I earned 200$ out of nowhere. In this game you have to mine the TLM using tools, I started with a starter shovel and the mining was hard, but maybe I had luck and I got a tool that mined pretty well, used it for a few days, and then sold it by 8wax more or less (this was pre-binance) and used that wax to buy 2 more tools to help me mine faster. Long story short, binance listing came, I couldn't get in on those 5$ Ludacris prices, but I traded 100Tlm I had for wax (because I had the rest staked on a planet), and then when the 200 TLM unstacked I teleported it to Binance and sold by more or less 45 cents (it's 21cents now). So as you can see this game is very easy to play and easy to earn. You just have to press a button to get TLM and then you can trade it for wax or teleport it to binance, where you can trade it to BTC for example, and then sell the BTC (or HODL IT and get more money). And even with this new 21 cents price, I think it's worth it even if you have to spend a little more time mining at the beginning (or you can just invest in better tools, but the objective here is to not spend any money). If you manage to mine 1TLM at a time, you can earn 21cents every half hour depending on the tools you have. Don't forget you can trade the TLM for WAX and then buy better tools without spending money.



I will not get deep into this game because... I simply can't! I only started using it 2 days ago, but the objective is to stake your unused NTF's and win Aether. Then you can trade it for WAX or buy in-game elements that you can craft and stake for more Aether. I had a lot of weapons and avatars from Alien Worlds that aren't worth a lot (we will have combat soon so they may rise) and don't have any use yet so staking them to win passive income seems great. And you can also stake other NTF's there just go to staking on the link below and you can see the list. I will talk next about some games I play that you can stake too.



Upland is another game that is hot. Which is good, more players more sell opportunities. And you can stake the NTF's on R-Planet too but, as far as I know, you have to buy those NTF's so it's out of the scope of this post. So, I started playing the game bought those FSA properties and started login in every day for the daily reward. It took me a while but I managed to get to the 10.000UPX to became an Uplander (again, you can spend 5 to 10$ and be an uplander right away). So I started to sell those cheap FSA properties for profit (i only sold the 2 because of the FSA limit) but with that plus the collections, I bought my way up to more than 20 properties. My income isn't out of this world and I didn't earn anything by now (I'm more interested in being a real estate mogul from 0), so this one is maybe one of the slowest game to earn without investing, but it's fun and I don't waste a lot of fo time in it. You have treasure hunts and building too so if you play more time than I do you probably will earn faster than me for sure. Definitely worth a look at this one.


Dark Country

Sorry for this one because I'm also a noob here but I'm super excited for this one. This game will have land (for the investors it's great but we don't want to spend anything on this post) and you can build your hometown and all, but this is basically a card game. The mechanics seem cool, the visuals are awesome, I think this one will be one of the great games out there. I'll update you when I know more about the game. And yes you can stake Dark Country NTF's on R-Planet. 



Now we get serious. This is my favorite game so far. So it's worth it even if you don't want to earn. But you will. This is my 2nd biggest earn after Alien Worlds. Now you say, but don't you have to spend 10$ on the spellbook to start playing? Hm yes. Sorry, I know, but the game is so fun that you will be paying for the fun you will have, and you will make those 10$ back in no time. I just couldn't ignore my favorite game because of 10 bucks. It's a card game but it's nothing like MTG, Hearthstone, or even Gods Unchained. You have up to 6 creature slots and a mana limit t and rules that change every match. This keeps things fun and interesting. So I started winning DEC(the tradeable in-game currency), did all the daily quests (where you can win a card per day), and the ranked rewards, and I manage to earn 50$. It's not retirement money, but I didn't sell everything I have and as you climb ranks your rewards get better. And did I mention the game is fun?


Dr. Who Worlds Apart

Full disclosure, I love Dr. Who. It's my favorite show, so I couldn't resist buying some packs from my earned money from Splinterlands. I just to had some Dr. Who card Ntfs right now. So why is this game that it's not even out here? Because you can win a currency called Pandak with every daily login and then you can spend that on buying packs! And then you can sell the cards for profit! It may take a while to gather but if you start now you will be able to open some free packs before the game is out. Plus, when the game is out it will be free to play, you will get free cards to do your deck and play so I think it will be a good game to earn money from scratch. Go see, it's bigger on the inside.



This is another one I'm excited about. Ships, space, and NTF's what can go wrong? You can earn a crate per day just for sign in and if you complete some basic tasks you will get points to upgrade your ship. Just go and see! It looks awesome and i will do a solo review very soon of this one.



So I spend 10$ on Splinterlands (not counting Dr. Who) and won back 250$ just from the things I sold.  This being a beginner in all of them, the rewards will get bigger as I grind and evolve in the games, and that's why there are 7 games on this post and I only made money in 2 of them. When I say make money is I took the money to my bank account because I made more than that in NTF's and in-game currencies that I didn't withdraw. I also play other games that I have money to withdraw in in-game items like Lost Relics and Gods Unchained for example. And I highly recommend these 2 games also I just didn't want this post to be too long.

I also earn some nice crypto for some free cool projects  just like our loved Publish0x and some others like:

PreSearch (you get paid to search! - Link:

Torum (Facebook like website but you earn for posts, comments, and even likes! - Link: (It's like twitch but you earn crypto for watching!!!! - Link: )

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