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By paragism | paragism | 1 Feb 2020

Let me be very clear. This article is for the crypto beginners. If you are in this platform for a few days and earning tips in the form of cryptocurrency, and wondering what to do with those tips – this article is for you!

This platform, Publish0x, was launched in December 2018. It is a publishing platform where both authors and readers get paid. As fundamentally it is a publishing platform, many people, who are not familiar with cryptocurrency, are being onboarded. The platform has gained the stream of popularity very fast as it is very user friendly.  Publish0x provides rewards in crypto but it is crypto agnostic. The reward pool mostly comes from the sponsors of the Publish0x. Presently tipping is done from the pool of Bounty0x, Project Hydro, DAI Stablecoin and BAT. All are ERC20 tokens. All these tokens get stored in your Publish0x account. The tokens have value and the value depends upon current market rate. So do not wonder why your token value keeps on fluctuating in the dashboard. It is not recommended to withdraw tokens to exchange address directly as I have seen some users to complain about unsuccessful token transfer. To cash out the tokens, you need to enter your personal Ethereum address in Settings > Wallets. Are you a novice in crypto? Don’t worry. You can setup your personal Ethereum wallet in two minutes and you can withdraw your tokens if you use Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet, owned by the world’s leading crypto exchange Binance, is a multi-coin wallet where you can literally store any kind of crypto. Trust Wallet is available in Google Play store or Apple App Store.


Step by Step Process

Let me explain how you can create an account in Trust Wallet and cash out tokens.

Step 1:

Click here to download Trust Wallet.

Step 2:

Create your wallet in simple steps as depicted below. Write down your back up keys in a piece of paper and store it securely. Your keys are your money. Anybody can steal your tokens with your keys.


Step 3:

Trust Wallet is a multi-coin wallet. Your Ethereum wallet is instantly created. Now copy the Ethereum address and paste it to Publish0x Settings > Wallet.

Step 4:

Go to ‘payment’ section and press withdraw button of your selected token. Remember that there is minimum withdrawal limit for each token.


Step 5:

Your selected token will be withdrawn to your personal Ethereum address. Generally it takes some days for approval of the payment. Payment is generally done on Mondays. Once payment is done, your Publish0x account balance will be automatically updated and you’ll be able to see the transaction history.

Step 6:

Now your chosen token has arrived on Trust Wallet. You can send the token to any exchange for trading by paying minimum gas fee in Ether. So, you need to keep minimum amount of Ether in your personal wallet. Majority of the payment in Publish0x is done in BAT. You can also instant swap BAT for Ether in Trust Wallet. Conversion happens in seconds as per current market rate.


Enjoy cashing out now! Are you comparing Publish0x with some other popular crypto publishing platforms? You can read my review regarding Publish0x vs. Steemit.

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