Parachute Weekly Update: New goodies in Parachute Shop, MatchBX upgrades, Opacity 1.0, BOMB on SwitchDex... – 31 May - 6 Jun'19

By Abhijoy Sarkar | Parachute-Fans | 7 Jul 2019

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Hi everyone! Here’s another rapid weekly update of all that’s been happening in Parachuteverse. Your week at Parachute (31 May - 6 Jun'19):


Victoria won this week’s Parena to take home a cool share of the 100k PAR pot. A redesign of Parachute was hinted by Cap this week. Tony’s Sarit Gat is leading the Big Chili Race at 21 cm with Blackbullshark’s Westlandia close on it heels at 19 cm. This week’s trivia in ParJar by Victor was on films. Winners won a total of 50k PAR! Chris announced the start of the Women’s World Cup contest in Parachute. 100k PAR pot. Woot! Clinton has added new sticker sets to the Parachute Shop. Grab yours today! Click here and here to see the collection.

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Plant Betting Contest is still a no-starter


The 100k AXPR monthly burn went ahead like clockwork. As we have shared earlier, MatchBX is undergoing a major design overhaul along with an entirely new arbitration mechanism with Kleros. Neat! aXpire COO Matthew Markham’s interview with fintech consultancy firm ViableMkts came out this week. Bounty0x’s distribution update talks of the recent bounty payouts while the platform update covers all developments on the product-side. Marketing enthusiasts can check out Birdchain’s latest article on incentivised advertising tools. The ETHOS ecosystem covers a range of partnerships and tie-ups from fiat gateway to wealth management. Click here to explore the ETHOS-sphere. The community at ETHOS has also been super engaged throughout the journey. From car stickers to metal keys, ETHOS brand is being repped far and wide.

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Design improvements on MatchBX


Congratulations to Parachuter Eric Bal (yes, the legendary Eric that wrote the seminal ParJar guide) for becoming an admin at 2gether. QTUM was added to the platform last week. Check out this video of paying for coffee using QTUM with 2gether. Adoption right there! Following FTM listing on Binance Dex, the bridge that allows ERC20 – BEP2 swap went live. Read more on it here. Fantom advisor, Andre Cronje sat down with Crypto Zombie to discuss crypto in a freewheeling chat. Brad Laurie summarised the chat in two parts (Part 1Part 2). Andre was also interviewed by Michael Nye on all things Fantom. The Fantom Archive series is in its second week and the topics covered this week were Tokenomics and the research behind it. CMO Michael Chen shared the company’s governance model in an article as well. If you are keenly following Fantom's developments, have a read of their recap for May and Technical Update. Switch’s update post which was released this week covers all that has happened in the past month at Switch – new base pairs, trading competition, airdrops etc. Also, BOMB is now listed on SwitchDex.

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Ever wondered why Jason is the games master at Parachute? Here’s his dice collection


Opacity moved out of beta and launched v1.0 this week. The press releases for the event were published on CoinTelegraph and CryptoRadar. This was followed by reviews from Altcoin BuzzBitsify and Michael Nye. It even garnered a mention on the Coast to Coast AM Radio Show. Opacity announced a partnership with QLC Chain last week. They started cross promotions this week so that both communities get a chance to test each other’s platforms. Looking to buy OPQ? Check out this article by Opacity Marketing Lead Aron Hiltzik.


That’s a wrap for this week at Parachute + partners. See you tomorrow with another update. Ciao!


This article is a repost of our weekly update post.

Abhijoy Sarkar
Abhijoy Sarkar

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