Quantum of Soda

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 15 Mar 2024

"As health officials declare a diabetes emergency, we meet the
families in the thick of a diabetes crisis, a deadly mix of
Covid and sugar sending people to early graves."
Unreported World

Pablo Smog


In the 2008 spaghetti documentary Quantum of Soda, investigative journalist James Bond uncovers a plot by an environmental soda-drilling company to control the soda supply of a South American country, which happens to be rich in soda.  You've seen the under-rated film, and remember the ending, when the independent secret journalist agent drives the soda CEO out into the desert, throwing a giant bottle of soda at his feet.  "I bet you'll make it 20 miles before you try to drink that," says James Bond to the doomed corporate overlord.

It's a memorable scene, rife with poetic, high-fructose corn justice.


Quantum of Soda is a thinly-veiled attempt to frighten American consumers away from drinking unvaccinated soft drinks, which are common in Latin America.  It tells the story of the Byzantine narco-politics that govern the extraction of pure Coca-Cola from deep beneath the most unincorporated, unregulated regions of the earth, places that are just begging to be ruled by unelected oligarchs who claim to care about the health of the people they intend to kill.

"A deadly mix of Covid and sugar," as reported by a hip, middle-aged corporate functionary with a Spanish name and British expense account projecting Big Trust in the interests of Big Faith (a ravening, propaganda octopus of which the BBC is a single, English-speaking tentacle) over a mask in a Mexican cemetery.

That's rich.



Are the Coca-Cola mines of Chiapas sacred, or azúcar'd?  Does the sacred end where the sugared begins?  Is it sugared, or sagrado?  Sacred, or azúcar'd?  Will Covid protect me from my Frosted Flakes, or is it the other way around?  Which benevolent corporate mouthpiece shall I trust with my postmodern, unfulfilling legacy?  

Should I put my trust in Big Faith?  Or shall I put my faith in Big Trust, which is the only other option?  Big Trust, Big Faith, and their army of derisive, comment-section social engineering projects who make sad, transparent attempts to mock and discredit the most upvoted comments on videos that promote a mainstream, corporate, eugenicist agenda.  Free-thinking, intelligence-supremacist comments that contain phrases such as "safe and effective," employed in a sarcastic, disbelieving manner.

Intelligence supremacists are the bane of Big Faith stockholders and must be wiped out, if our delusions of virtue and veracity are going to survive.  This soda isn't killing the indigenous population fast enough.  We need to bring back the Blanket-19 vaccine, which saved countless lives from the Blanket-19 virus in the Old West.  As the spaghetti documentary Dead Man reported back in '95.


Fortunately, we've moved on from those brutal, primitive times.  These days, we build hospitals over the Coca-Cola mines in which workers die every day like so many undocumented vaccine recipients so that the raw, nutritious corporate interests we extract from the earth can be used in ritualistic medical magic by uneducated curanderos with a rich, demonic history of black magic and a vibrant cultural legacy that is easy to both patronize and exploit while feigning enthrallment from behind the liberating confines of a Blanket-19 mask, projecting compliance and human interest simultaneously, like a bunch of narrative-manipulating, power-tripping douchebags.

Which takes a lot more planning than merely sprinkling some safe, effective smallpox particles on a bunch of blankets in the Old West.  We've come a long way.  Really.  A really long way.  Willy.  Qi Gong pills are next.  Chilly.  A supercilious, super silly-ass superstition.  Shall we shake a fish, or make a wish?  Three prosthetic thoughts is my ration for the day.  I take them off at night.  All intelligence supremacists must die.

That guy isn't bad.  He even tries to speak Spanish.  He sounds like me, when I'm trying to speak Spanish.  Our gringo accents stampede over the impossible liquid words like a horse with 20 legs.  Speaking Spanish is exhausting.  But not as exhausting as carrying a giant bottle of Coca-Cola 20 miles through the desert.  Remember the end of Quantum of Soda, when M, the editor of the secret magazine that sends James Bond out on deadly international writing missions, tells him,

"We found Greene in the middle of the desert, with a stomach full of Coca-Cola," and James Bond acts like he doesn't know anything about it?

An under-rated film, Quantum of Soda.  An interesting exposé of the true motives of the environmental soda movement, masquerading as an exotic documentary about the Coca-Cola curanderos of Chiapas, and how they bought up all the soda rights, to keep the locals addicted to their white sugar, black magic, and brown power.  I don't live in Chiapas, but it's true.  Mexicans drink a lot of soda.  I like the apple one.  But I don't drink it very often.  I do drink the Coca-Cola water, though.  The water owned and sold by Coca-Cola.  I haven't brushed my teeth with tapwater for years.  Sometimes I get the feeling that I could, but why risk it.  Mexican water is world famous.  Even Mexicans don't drink it.

Mexicans bathe and swim and even wash their cars with small, intestinal animals, and Big Faith wants us to think Covid is dangerous.  To which I say,

Intelligence syndicate 4 life.

Weed it and reap.  The benefits of free, unconforming thought.

The harvest in the garden of brains has begun.

Don't get left behind.

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