3 WAX games you can actually play for FREE (MAY 2022)

By dinoshark | P2E for noobs | 28 Apr 2022

Quick disclaimer: You can play the game itself for free, but it doesn't mean $0 investment. I've found that it's almost impossible to find crypto games that actually require no upfront investment on your part. The breakdown of how much I spent will be included at the end of the article.

This article will be covering the basics on how you can earn crypto from these games on the WAX blockchain as a F2P player. More in-depth guides for each game are available with a quick Google/Youtube search. I'll get straight into it :) 

1. Taco

What you can earn: $SHING

Choosing a restaurant in Taco

Taco is a NFT and FT project that aims to integrate utility and gaming on the WAX blockhain. Learn more about Taco in their whitepaper.

  • Go to Taco - Brigade
  • Choose a restaurant (pick the one with the lowest fee)
  • Execute jobs whenever they’re available (approximately every hour)

Claim FREE basic equipment that can help you earn more SHING at https://tacocrypto.io/promo

If you’re new to Taco, help me out by setting my wallet address - qen.q.c.wam - as your referrer by clicking on the yellow magic wand icon :)

2. Blockchain RPG

What you can earn: $GOLD

Blockchain RPG

Blockchain RPG is a hunting-based role-playing game in which players fight monsters, collect resources, and craft items. Read more about this game in their whitepaper.

  • Go to Blockchain RPG
  • Click Map > Swamplands (Level 1 difficulty) or Forest (Level 2 difficulty) > Hunt (every 5 minutes)
  • You will get $GOLD, XP, and resources (that can be used to craft better items)
  • When your HP is low (decreases after hunting), heal up (2 free heals per day)

3. Alien Worlds

What you can earn: $TLM

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is one of the most popular blockchain games that allows players to mine $TLM with NFTs, stake tokens, and vote in DAOs. Read more about Alien Worlds in their technical blueprint.

  • Go to Alien Worlds
  • Choose a planet and land to mine (As for which one to choose, there are plenty of articles out there to explain which is the best. I'm currently mining on a Sandy Coastline in Veles)
  • Everyone gets a standard shovel for free
  • Click "Mine" then "Claim Mine" (every 80 seconds)

Breakdown of my investment

As mentioned at the start of the article, the games themselves are free but you do need to put in a bit of money before you can play them. This is because you need WAX to get resources (CPU, NET, RAM) on the blockchain. Here's the breakdown of how much I recommend:

  • Creating a wallet: 5 WAX
  • Stake for NET: 1 WAX 
  • Stake for CPU: 150 WAX (more would be better if you can afford it)
  • Buy RAM: 10 WAX

Total investment: 166 WAX (~$40 at the time of writing)

The above should be enough for you to play the 3 games at the basic F2P level, although you might occasionally get the "You have used up all your CPU for today" error. Just wait for a bit and try again or stake more for CPU if you can. Staking WAX for CPU and NET also does allow you to claim rewards every 24 hours.

If 166 WAX is too much, you can also rent CPU at a much cheaper price. Using RocketCPU (I'm not affiliated in any way) or other similar CPU boosters, you can rent WAX for others to stake for you. For example, RocketCPU allows you to rent 100 WAX for 1 WAX per day. This can bring your initial investment down to ~20 WAX. Of course I wouldn't recommend doing this in the long run, but it's good for starters :)


Thank you for taking time to read my article. Tips are very much appreciated - but either way, I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful! :)

If you're interested in other cheap P2E games, check on my previous post on how you can play Million on Mars with just $5!

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P2E for noobs
P2E for noobs

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