Getting started with Million on Mars for less than $5

How to get started on Million on Mars with less than $5 (APRIL 2022)

By dinoshark | P2E for noobs | 24 Apr 2022

If you haven’t already heard about this game, Million on Mars is a P2E game on the WAX blockchain. I’ll firstly admit I don’t know too much about the game as I just got started myself, but there’s a PC version of this game on Steam and it seems like one of the more sustainable games I’ve seen. Plenty of resources if you want to find out more about the gameplay itself, but the aim is building a settlement on Mars.

  • Buy WAX and transfer it to your wallet using an exchange of your choice
  • Buy RAM using WAX and stake WAX to get CPU and NET ($2.97)
  • Sign up for an account (ideally, with my referral link) and get through the tutorial
  • Buy a Land Rush Player Access Pack ($1.50) and open it
  • You’re ready to start playing!
  • Total initial investment = $4.50

1. Getting funds to your WAX Cloud wallet

Context: I’m from Singapore so I’m trying to find the best way to transfer SGD to an exchange that has WAXP listed. If anyone has better (i.e., cheaper) ideas do let me know too!

  1. Transfer XSGD to the App (my referral link) via StraitsX
  2. Buy crypto using XSGD if you don’t already have any
  3. Withdraw to your Exchange (my referral link) wallet
  4. Sell crypto for USDT (0.4% trading fee)
  5. Buy WAX with USDT (0.4% trading fee)
  6. Withdraw WAX to your WAX cloud wallet (1 WAXP withdrawal fee, 24h for your address to be whitelisted)


2. CPU, NET, and RAM

Once you have WAX in your wallet, you may need to buy some RAM and stake (yes, you get staking rewards claimable every 24h!) for CPU and NET. I personally only bought 2 WAX worth of RAM, staked 5 WAX for CPU and 4 WAX for NET (11 WAX = $2.97 at the time of writing).


Note: As you get further into the game or play more games you will probably need to increase your RAM and WAX staked. Also, 4 WAX is a bit of an overkill for NET - in hindsight I would stake only 1 (pointed out by Cryptoft in the comments - thanks for the tip!).


3. Getting started in Million on Mars

If you haven’t already, sign up for an account using my link to get extra resource points :) You’ll be guided through a very short tutorial and they’ll ask you to get a Land Rush Access Pass. Do NOT buy it from them directly on NeftyBlocks - it costs ~$10 and why pay more for the exact same thing! Instead, you can get them from the Atomic Hub marketplace for about 5-6 WAX (approximately $1.50).

After buying the pass, open the pack (it becomes non-transferable after this) and you can go back to the website to start your MOM journey!

Some free things to do when you first start are:

  • Taking jobs to earn DUSK (Electricity and mining seem to be highest in demand at the moment)
  • Scavenging to get materials
  • Collect your daily rations - I’ve heard it’s better not to eat them as you can exchange 30 of them for a land plot!

I may post more about the gameplay itself as I learn more about it. In the meantime, there are many useful guides and videos elsewhere to help you through the game!

Thank you for taking time to read my article. Tips are very much appreciated - but either way, I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful! :)

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P2E for noobs
P2E for noobs

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