Banano Fair Distribution Proposal - BFDP #1

By Project Uwb | ozmate | 26 Aug 2020

(This article assumes people know about Banano - the super cool meme project. If you don't you have been missing out on a lot of good tasty stuff. Click this link to learn more Join the Discord and say hello in the Jungle you will be pleasantly surprised!!)

Hey Banano family, today I want to coin the term Banano Fair Distribution Proposal (BFDP) for fair BAN distribution proposals from the community! If Bitcoin can have Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP), Ethereum can have EIP, I think it would be cool to have our own little acronym for community proposals and hence the term BFDP. I would like to start a proposal to the Banano overlords to think about the idea I discuss in this article on a truly decentralized way to distribute Banano with a high degree of confidence that proof of work was performed to earn those tasty BANs..

Distribution of a decentralized digital coin fairly has to be one of the most complex and intricate tasks with a raft of attack vectors to consider and ensure that no one cheats the system and gets the better of it.

As I was cycling (which I don’t do very often) I realized if I could like have a Mario style digital coin collection as I ride through my usually drab bike ride path, it would make it very exciting. I have to say that it is really hard to get the average Jo or Jane to get motivated to do regular exercise. I think with the right incentive we could sway at least a few of the average Jo or Jane's to do some level of physical activity that they would otherwise not consider.

So here are some incentive ideas I have been toying with for how we could really get proof of work for a fair distribution:

  1. An app based distribution that would get access to users location and other physical activity tracking only while using the app. As it's an opt in app, users will have to realize they will give away some location specific information but will get a set amount of $BANs for every 100 m. I don’t know about others, but that instantly would make me walk a couple of kilometers a day just to get that potassium rich feeling!!
  2. An app based distribution that users open at specific locations which can only be visited by expending some physical energy. What I mean by that is places where there can be no access to cars let's say within a 1 km to 2 km radius. So it proves that some energy was expended by the user to get to this location. Once the user is at said location, opens the app and on allowing access to the location, the user is presented a digital collectible. These could then be redeemed for $BANs
  3. Self-organized community groups or individuals could participate in a community marathon type event where again on arrival, you could scan your BAN address at the start and finish points with help of community volunteers and gain BAN for a run/bike/walk or whatever the event happens to be!
  4. A Mario style coin treasure hunt in a park that can be collected through an app and would require people to perform various tasks - walk, bike, run to achieve the coins and then redeem for $BAN. Cool trick is you could make people jump to hit one of those virtual blocks over their heads to keep collecting coins!!! Just kidding!

Well these are some ideas that are floating in my head that I wanted to put out to the community and see what kind of interest this article would receive. If there was a way to vote on proposals it would be even better to show the amount of interest in a specific BFDP! That’s right I am going to stick with BFDP unless someone cool like @Soggy or @Oops come up with a much more cooler term! Until then vote or comment and let the community know how you feel about this article!! Go Bananas!!!

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