Sound Frequencies

By MyoeMinnKyaw1 | OupKar | 1 Oct 2020

Scientists today

 The frequency of the sound

 It has been proven that it can kill cancer cells.


 An amazing discovery

 The ancients, too

 Sound is used to treat the disease

 They used it.



 One of the world's oldest underground churches

 The occult chamber is called the oracle chamber

 Includes a room.


 Researchers refer to this chapter

 When systematically explored

 Oracle chamber

 Let's get the vibration rate of 111hz frequency

 It's designed and built.


 In their day, sound was used to treat disease


 Depending on the type of disease

 It may sound like a bell ringing.

 It may sound like a knock on the door.

 It may sound like playing an instrument.


 Depending on the severity of the disease

 Adjusting the interest rate

 Say it.


 No matter what the sound

 Researchers say that the output volume is adjusted to 111hz by the structure of the room

 They knew the measurements.


 The power of the 111hz frequency

 It can kill cancer cells

 Scientists have only recently


 They say this frequency

 11 harmonic or

 resonant frequency

 They are called


 You can learn more about this at the following link ⤵️

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