Publish0x - My First Month Summary and Opinion

Publish0x - My First Month Summary and Opinion

By Otek | Otek | 3 Feb 2020

When I start using Publish0x I was really curious how it's really works in practice. How much I can earn here, how many views my posts will have?

Probably some of you are also very curious about such information, so I decide to make a short summary of my first month on Publish0x with some interesting statistics and my short opinion :)

My author request was approved 3.01.2020.


How much I earned in my first month?



As You Can see on screenshot on January I earned 

  • 323.3081 HYDRO ($0.23)
  • 0.2042 DAI ($0.20)
  • 69.6909 BAT ($15.16)

So if we add all that coin together I earned 15,59 USD!

In my opinion it's quite good. Remember that it was my first month on Publish0x so I just learning how it's works, how add new post etc.


How many followers I get?


Well, almost 200 :) To be precise it was 198.

Im more than happy about that, in my opinion it's good achievement, what is important I have a very good relationships with some of my readers :)




How many articles I wrote?

45 posts - statistically, it is more than 1 per day. Again i'm satisfied with that result :)


 How many views get my most popular post? 


It was 2158 views -I did not assume that I could reach so many people with my content :)


How much BAT I send to my readers?


If You not a familiar in every week I organised a contest where my readers Can win 3 BAT :)

I already send them 12 BAT!  




So if You also want to take a part in that contest I admit you to follow my profile and You will be always notice about new edition :)



Do You using a Publish0x for a month, maybe more or less? What is your opinion about platform and earnings here? :)


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