New Great Price Analyse Tool on Coin Market Cap!!!

New Great Price Analyse Tool on Coin Market Cap!!!

By Otek | Otek | 7 Feb 2020

When You are making Your price predictions probably You want to have as much informations and analytics data at it is possible.

So now You have a new great tool that Can help You make Yours predictions more relevant :)


On 5th December on official Coin Market Cap blog was announced that they provide a new feature that can be a very helpful. They partner IntoTheBlock excels at extracting intelligence from the blockchain data of specific crypto assets. Based on that data IntoTheBlock generate signals describing patterns such as on-chain activity, and address, among other things, the segmentation of profitability and ownership.

Based on that they provide a few very interesting and useful indicators:


  • Indicator: “Holders Making Money at Current Price



IntoTheBlock takes every on-chain address (here called a "holder") that currently has an asset balance, and calculates the average price at which its assets were purchased. Peoples who bought crypto at a price below the current price are "In the Money," while those holders who bought at a price above the current price are called "Out of the Money."


  • Indicator: “Transactions Greater Than $100K


This metric is measured by the amount of on-chain transactions that reach $100,000 a day. It shows the trend over the past seven days in the amount of these "big" transactions, and their total value in USD.


Based on that and more indicators they created a nice looking and very transparent Signals graphs 



I just want to give You a initial information about that new feature You Can dig into by yourself. 

There is a lot more information about that indicators and how it works on Coin Market Cap blog.

What is even more great IntoTheBlock provides a free youtube video tutorials about those indicators!


 Where to find those analysis? 

Simply go to CoinMarketCap main page:

Select coin that interest You and on coin details page select: On-Chain Analysis tab



This is how that tab opened looks like:




BTW: All screenshoots for that post was done on Basic Attention Token analysis- as You can see all Signals are green and looks really promising :)



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