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Why is the Cryptocurrency Market so Volatile?

19 hours ago 6 minute read cam_elica_24 $2.45 tipped

The 2018 market crash serves as a hard lesson for many cryptocurrency investors on the extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies. It’s true the cryptocurrency market has been volatile from the very beginning, but the last two years have been a particula...

Bitcoin: weekly market analysis (from November 5th to November 11th 2019 on USDT / BTC pair)

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After having had an uneventful session on Saturday yesterday, the price returned to the $ 9,000 zone and, today, we are in exactly the same conditions as we were last Monday; in terms of sentiment, at this moment the community expresses a certain pes...

Bitcoin Volume Profile Suggests Rally to Bring Price Past $20,000 is Near

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All markets – like Bitcoin – area unit alternate and undergo stages of peak elation before a correction brings investors back off to reality. Eventually, anger and depression kick in, and investors begin to worry the worst before the cycle reaches a...

What will Happen to Bitcoin in the Coming Months?

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In the last few months, Bitcoin has been in a period of calm and recovery with over 250% price increase - from $4,000 in April to over $10,000 today despite the volatile market. Does this mean that Bitcoin will continue to rise within the last few mo...