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Summary From The Most Important Rubika Crypto News

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Here are the most relevant news that surprised and are surprising the cryptocurrency market. BAT and WAVES Will List In Kraken Exchange Recently, Kraken Exchange, one of the world’s renowned exchanges, announced hat Basic Attention Token and Waves Pl...

LOOK HERE - But why should I?

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What can hold your attention? The news? Video games? Music? Do you find yourself trying to do multiple things at once like watching TV while browsing the Internet? It’s become increasingly clear in the digital age that attention is being monetised an...

Drunk Stock Analysis: Ford

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Sitting on my front porch, with a beer in each hand, pondering if I have a drinking problem, my neighbor pulled up in his F-150 and I finally found my answer, Ford has some nice trucks. Wondering if I can Go Further, I pulled out my phone and decided...

The Aftermath of Litecoin Halving- An Explanation

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The Aftermath of Litecoin Halving- An Explanation Litecoin has descended below $100, as was expected.  After the rewards halving, miners will face a difficulty adjustment and will likely sell some of their stocked Litecoin to recoup during this perio...

Market Today

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The trend for Bitcoin has been slowly upward as you can see on the chart (taken from, most alt coins are slightly down in the last 24 hours, this includes Steem which is trading right now at about $0.175 as has been normal...