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A Peer-to-peer Atomic Swap exchange presumes that there should be at least two parties to the exchange — somebody who wants to buy and somebody who wants to sell. To provide our customers with active orders, we are adding a Liquidity Provider role in our ecosystem. On the other hand, it gives a way of gaining passive income by freezing money on a market making bot that will create offers for buying/selling cryptocurrency. Each trade will yield some fee to a Liquidity Provider. The Provider can unfreeze and withdraw their funds at any time. Such a system benefits all the participants of ORXCASH.

The most obvious solution for Liquidity Providers is the BTC-ETH trading pair, as the most popular one. When it comes to ERC-20 tokens, it is possible as well. We think that projects with ERC-20 tokens would become liquidity providers for their community to demonstrate their responsibility before the community. It may also become a new way of distributing tokens after the IEO hype falls. Within such system, there is no way of manipulating the token price, since it is completely decentralized.



The main trend in token offers is changing from year to year. In 2016–17, it was utility tokens and ICOs as the main means of distribution. In 2018, everyone discussed the possibilities of security tokens and STOs as a new model for crowdfunding. Even though there were a few notable STOs, the model has not replaced ICOs, because the IEO appeared to be main form of token distribution from the beginning of 2019. But what is really interesting in 2019 is the development and evolution of stablecoins.

While cryptocurrencies and digital assets are becoming a legit reality in some countries, stablecoins are achieving new functions as a way of digitizing the functions of commodities, such as gold and even oil. How is that related to our project? Pretty simple. You can buy a stablecoin backed by USD, such as PAX with your credit card. Somebody else is buying a gold-backed token, such as GoldZip with his credit card. With the assistance of ORXCASH, you could exchange your USD to Gold and vice versa, or buy using such a commodity token. Normally, such operations require a lot of processing power, registrations, verifications and, of course, a lot of time.

Our peer-to-peer protocol grants instant exchange for such things with no KYC, no registration, no server or any other third party. Everything is controlled by smart contracts. Just the buyer and the seller are involved.


ORXCASH WEBSITE :https://orxcash.com

Everything About ORYXCASH : https://oryx.network/orxcash/


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