bottle of plum brandy from Serbia called Stara Sokolova Rakija

The Liquor That Improves Your Health!

By Orthodox Girl | Orthodox Girl | 25 Jan 2023

The New Year is a great time to try new things. So why not give this world famous liquor a try by adding it to your flu season survival kit?

Tis’ the flu season (which claimed me too, as I write this) so I’d like to share helpful tips to a speedier recovery that I’ve grown up with as a tradition. Some recommend Cold-FX, others the flu shot, a cocktail of multi-vitamins…but if none of those worked, I have just the little helper you need.

RAKIJA — You can find this plumb brandy in most local liquor distribution branches, under the name Stara Sokolova (Old Falcon). It’s a a caramel coloured bottle with a falcon on it. Plumb brandy is a known Serbian staple, both for its taste but even more for its medicinal properties.

bottle of rakija plumb brandy called Stara Sokolova

How Can It Help you?

  • Pain & Swelling — use it as a cold compress or massage onto painful or swollen joints, muscle pains, and tears. It helps reduce the swelling.
  • Fevers — rubbing the cold alcohol on your body, feet and forehead helps take away the fever and cool down your body.
  • Chest and Throat Pains — make a warm compress and place on your chest, throat, or back to soothe cough, cough pain and inflammation.
  • Rheumatism — helps when you massage the alcochol it into the area.

Chest and Cough Compress:
1. On the stove, heat up some rakija alcohol.
2. Take 2 small bath towels and make them into rolls.
3. Pour the hot rakija over one bath towel.
4. Cover the towel with plastic saran wrap (to keep the heat in)
5. Add second bath towel over the saran wrap.
6. Grab the two towel sandwich, placing it slowly on your bare skin. Apply slowly to skin, to test that the temperature won’t be too hot to cause burns.
7. Keep on chest, throat or back until it cools off, and remove once it’s no longer warm.

A bottle is about $40 at the store and will last you a very long time, so it’s a good investment for your medicinal cabinet. I recommend the brand Stara Sokolova Rakija, an old family recipe from 1897, directly imported from Serbia. There are other brands, but this one has been a crowd favorite for a long time in the Serbian community.

Every Serbian home has this as part of their emergency aid kit, including mine which I dug out this week to clear off my fever. But I wish you a year full of good health and that you may never need to use it! :)

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Orthodox Girl
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