Rabbit Escape - Time To Catch Some Fun Rescuing Rabbits

By Solomon Stephen | OpenSource | 30 Apr 2019

This has been the most common question I see on some bloggers page. Especially those bloggers giving advice on what to do when they are bored or less busy. In some cases, these blog owners advise readers to go play some games, listen to music, or even read. well, all of that works, but some might not work for everyone. Yes, games work for some people but not for me. In fact, I don't even think I'd have free time to waste playing games, or watching movies as I am always with my smartphone doing one or two things.
Some days ago, I decided to change some things about me. I have decided to create time for myself. And in my spare time, I would see movies, play games, or maybe read. So far, I have tried seeing movies some days ago and I got tired of it. Then, I decided to try playing some games. And, I have loved my free times lately.

I think I need to know what you usually do in your spare time too. Kindly comment them below.
Meanwhile, In today's blog post, I will be introducing to you the new game I came across that has kept me busy while enjoying my spare time. This game should be played by anyone looking for things to do in their free time.


What Is It All About?

The developer of the game titled it Rabit Escape and gave it a short description as; "A mobile and desktop game inspired by Lemmings and Pingus in which you must rescue some rabbits from a hostile environment by giving them special abilities."

As the developer had stated, the game is available for Desktop and Android users. For Desktop users, Escape Rabbit is available on Windowon Linux, and on Mac.

What about for Android users?

Well, this is the first project I'd be using that has two files on Google PlayStore. One of the files is free while the other is a paid version.
Note: Both the free and paid version are of the same content. There is no difference between the two games. When you go for the paid version, you're automatically donating to the development of the game, or another means of saying thank you to the developer. Below are the links to the paid and free version.

play.pngBuy on Play Store

play.pngFree on Play Store! (The exact same game)

I will be reviewing the game with an Android device. So, if you would love to see, and enjoy the game, and its features along with me, you're advised to download it from any of the link provided in the previous paragraph.

It's Time For Fun


On launching the game, it started off with a melodious sound, and then, a simple and minimal home screen with three options displayed. You shouldn't forget the main reason I decided to play the game (I needed a game to relax during my free time.) And, I am already loving the idea of the game even before it started. The displayed home screen consists of Three options

  • Start Game
  • About
  • Quit

This is very unusual. Although I haven't been into games. But, I haven't seen any game with a home screen that is as clean, and simple as RabitEscape's.



When the option to Start Game was clicked, it opened the list of stages. These stages are displayed on the second screen from the screenshots above.
I am still loving how RabitEscape's screens were displayed. The options looked like they are only texts on a white background. But, they are more than that. They are buttons that lead to a hostile environment where the rabbits are to be rescued. I don't know if there is any game out there with a simple display like this. If you've seen any, kindly comment them below this post.

Right from the starting of the game, the sounds played are lovely. But, if a user doesn't like sound, and would love to disable it, then, the button at the top of the screen should be used. I used it when I needed to. And, the sounds was restored back with the same button.

When a stage from the second screenshot above was clicked, it then, displayed different levels in that stage. I was able to notice that every of the displayed stages has 20 levels each. Each level of each stage has a different amount of Rabbit to rescue, and a different level structure.

I call the shapes of the hostile, a structure. This is how I see them. You might not see the word structure in the game's documents.

The screenshot below consists of the first 12 out of 20levels under the Easy Stage.

From the screenshot above, different levels are given a unique title and structure. In most cases, the structures are related to the titles given to the levels. The structure can only be seen when any of the levels is selected. You should also notice that the sound button is always available on every page. That Is one unique idea in the game 👍.

Now, I have to select the Digging Practice level to see how good I am at rescuing the Rabbits in that level. While accessing the level, here's what displayed. A hint to that level, and its rule ( A maximum of three rabbits are in this level. But, one is required to win the level).
From the screenshot below, the level author's name is clickable.
Another surprising fact about Rabbit Escape is that anyone can create a level. I believe that is why the author's name is included on every level's page. If not, it's not necessary.
The ability to create a level isn't available for mobile users.

Game Started

The screenshots below are the screens displaying that Digging practicelevel has started. Similar to other games, a pause and play button is excepted and yes, there it is immediately after the sound button. So, what really happens if the pause button is used? Well, it stopped and gave the details of the level. Unlike other games where the pause button temporary stops the games, and that's all. But, pausing a game here, it shows the details of that level. Details like the number of rabbits, the entrance to the hostile environment, and the exit point.



Recalling from the description given by the developer; A player has to give the rabbits special abilities to escape the environment.
What are the tokens abilities? For this stage, there is only one ability (The orange element located after the pause button). In some stages, there might be more than two, three, four types of them.
How are these tokens used? The tokens are dropped in the hostile environment for the Rabbits to either dig holes, climb walls, block roads, just to mention a few.
Since the aim this game is to rescue the rabbits by giving them the tokens (ability), then, the player has to click on the tokens, then, click on the right place in the environment for the rabbit to use them. In this stage, the only available token is the Digging token. So here's a Gif showing how I dropped the token and saved the rabbits.




In this level, I was only required to save one Rabbit to proceed to the next level. So, it doesn't matter if the rest of the two rabbits dies. But, at some levels, I might be required to save 15 out of 15 Rabbits. In this case, I would be provided with several tokens.

The Tokens

As I have explained earlier, there are several tokens, and below are the list of the tokens. Some levels consist of all the tokens, while some are not.

  • Dig token
  • Bash token
  • Block Token
  • Climb token
  • Bridge token
  • Brolly token
  • Explode token

Let us compare the previous level with another level. This level has almost all the tokens in this game. In this level, there are more tokens to use

The Sounds

If I was asked to mention the top three things I like about this game, the sound would definitely be among the list. I am a lover of music. I love the melodious sounds included in the game. Also, I appreciate the developer for including different sounds at different levels. It's one of those factors that made the game more fun to me.

Project Update

Within the last two weeks, the project owner and a contributor have been discussing and implementing to solve an issue where a contributor complained about pausing the game after starting it just to see the number of available abilities. Eleven days ago, the developer has decided to move the ability numbers to the left side corner of the game.
This update should be out in the upcoming update.

Rabbit Escape Vs Lemmings

Lemmings is a similar game to Rabbit Escape. In Lammings, players are expected to rescue cute, lovable Lemmings. Both Rabbit Escape & Lemmings have similar ideas but with different sounds and some game contents.

Is Rabbit Escape Better? In terms of speed and file size? Yes, it is better. It doesn't take Rabbit Escape up to a 30seconds to load, while Lemmings have to load from 0 to 100. Also, Rabbit Escape is only 18mb on Google playstore while Lemmings is about 87mb.
Lemmings have in-app purchase, and ads embedded in it.
Rabbit Escape doesn't have any of that. Rabbit Escape users are able to design levels which aren't possible on Lemmings.

Lemmings have enticing graphics. But, believe some many players would prefer Rabbit Escape because of its simplicity. I rather play a game with faster speed than to play an enticing graphics game with large file size and slow.


Rabbit Escape is a game with unique graphics and fun while playing. It's suitable for parents and children. I recommend it to you.
Thank you for stopping by. Thanks.

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