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AKlaa - An Android Project To Remind You Of Any Of Your Future Tasks

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They say "A second version should always be better than the first version". Yes, of course, that's right. You will also agree with me if I say; Third-party apps should always be better than stock apps. Yea?Because, it'd be a shame to see a third-part...

Koler - The Android Call Manager With Minimalistic Design

5 days ago Solomon Stephen $0.10 (19.7347 BNTY)

Sometime last month, I reviewed a project known as Identiconizer. With Identiconizer, users can get a custom contact view without needing to root their device. In that post, I emphasized how much I love, or prefer custom views to stock ones. You migh...

An Android app which finds wrong, incomplete or extendable data in the user's vicinity and provides the tools to complete these easily and directly on site without having to use another editor.

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If I was asked to mention two different types of mobile Maps before now, I wouldn't have been able to. The reason being that I am so used to Google Map alone. Right from the first time I started using an Android device, I have always met Google map o...