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By biricash | onlybestclicks | 4 Feb 2022

Nexo is a multicoin wallet that allows you to deposit and store your crypto, receiving daily interest up to 12% on fiat and stablecoin coins and up to 8% on supported cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition to the wallet service, Nexo allows you to obtain cash loans using your cryptocurrencies as collateral. Nexo offers its services in over 200 countries around the world and the funds on Nexo are insured for an amount of $ 375,000,000



Nexo is one of the best platforms on which to deposit your cryptocurrencies or hold a part of them. The wallet allows you to get daily interest and is one of the wallets that offers the best rates. You will be able to get up to 12% yearly on cryptocurrencies deposited on Nexo. Not only will you get interest on your cryptocurrencies, but you can also keep Fiat currencies such as Euros, Dollars or British Pounds on Nexo, on which you will get up to 8%. These are the supported currencies and the related interest rates:


Nexo passive income


The percentage of interest you will receive varies depending on your level. There are four Loyalty Levels that allow you to increase the percentage of interest that will be credited to you daily. If you want to get the most you will need to be PLATINUM level. The level depends on the number of NEXO TOKENS you have in the balance. If you have € 100 of cryptocurrencies, you just need €10 of Nexo Token to be PLATINUM. You can buy them or convert part of your assets into Nexo Token by going to EXCHANGE >>> SWAP.

Depending on your level you can get:

  • from 4% to 6% for crypto;
  • from 4% to 6% for fiat currencies;
  • from 8% to 10% for stablecoins;
  • 7% on the Nexo token.

You can decide to receive interest in the same currency you hold (e.g. you have BTC, receive BTC), or receive interest in Nexo Token: if you choose this mode you will receive an additional 2% bonus. To change these settings go to MY PROFILE >>> SETTING.


Nexo Loyalty Levels


You will receive interests on a daily basis. You can get an additional bonus and increase the interest rate by choosing FIXED TERMS, i.e. by deciding to block your cryptocurrencies for a set time without being able to withdraw them. To do this, from the home of your wallet (from which you can top up your wallet by clicking TOP UP), go to the wallet management page and choose the option for FIXED TERMS.


Nexo fixed terms settings



Nexo allows you to borrow money without having to sell your cryptocurrencies. This innovative service therefore allows you to use your crypto while keeping your wallet intact. For example, if you have a momentary and urgent need for money and don’t want to sell off your wallet, through Nexo you can receive the money directly into your bank account using your cryptocurrencies as collateral. The loan can be requested both in your local currency and in stablecoin. The annual interest rate applied ranges from 13.9% (Base) to 6.9% (Platinum).

The amount of money you can borrow is usually half of your wallet. If you have $ 1000 worth of cryptocurrencies deposited, you can apply for a $500 loan. The reinstatement of the loan can take place in Fiat, Crypto or Stablecoin. You can see your Credit Line in the home of your wallet. To apply for the loan go to BORROW. One of the huge benefits of using your Credit Line to spend your crypto is that you won’t have to pay capital gains taxes. As this is a loan and not a sale, capital gains taxes do not apply.


Nexo loan credit line



Nexo Token is the platform’s utility token whose value, at the time of writing, is $1.90. The Nexo token  (which can also be traded on different exchanges) allows you to obtain various benefits within the ecosystem of the platform:

  • 50% discount on loans interest;
  • higher interest on your portfolio;
  • up to 5 monthly crypto withdrawals for free (you'll not pay any fees!);
  • 12% interest on Nexo Tokens.

Holding Nexo Token also gives you the right to vote in the governance choices of the platform.




Moving fron Nexo to your bank is very easy. If your local currercy is supported, sell crypto for fiat currencies and require a bank transfer. You'll get money in your bank account within 24 hours. Nexo also has a debit card connected to your wallet. The card can only be requested through the official Nexo app. The Nexo Card is free and has the following features:

  • pays in over 40 million merchants;
  • block/unblock your card with a click;
  • receive 2% cashback after each purchase;
  • no usage fees
  • instant notifications for all transactions


Nexo card cashback



Nexo gives you the option to invite your friends to use the wallet, you and your friend will get both $10. There is a maximum limit of 100 people that you can invite.

Requirements to get the bonus:

  • complete the Advanced Verification to confirm identity;
  • top up at least $ 100 on the account and leave it in the account for at least 30 days.
  • at the end of the 30 day period Nexo will credit $25 to you and $25 to your friend;



In conclusion, Nexo seems to us a very good platform. A very flexible wallet with passive earnings and good annual rates. The ability to receive cash loans using cryptocurrencies as collateral will allow you to use your crypto assets without spending them. Recommended: try it now to get $25 Btc



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