Regulation is coming

By dqdof | Online earning tips | 2 Jun 2020

Reading some post here in this platform got me thinking.A lot of people are seeing conspiracies everywhere with no real proof whatsoever.Since everybody wants to be anonymus while sending coins and whatnot.Total anonymity i think can hardly ever be achieved.That would mean just living off the grid completely somewhere.On the internet?Your data might be scattered everywhere.Do you have a social media profile?free data.Do you have any other accounts?Free data.Does your isp sell your data?you dont even know that.Do you use google?free data.My point being there will always be something that can link something else to find you personally.Lets just assume for a moment you have an account on an unregulated so to say exchange

and you only deal in anonymus crypto.But you still have to login somewhere  right?They can always track your ip or something else.Maybe they can track your email like yahoo that was hacked.A lot of the database was hacked.My point is,you always leave a trace somewhere,by being online.

Lets assume you use revolut and say:i will get this card and withdraw money,nobody is going to track my amounts etc.Wrong again as they still have to regulate theyr service.They will also check the identities and amounts much like a real bank.Withdrawing money at an atm,all the atm have cameras and certainly over certain amounts,the bank can redflag your transaction for financial services to check out.Will they do it?I dont know.Can they?Sure as hell yes.My point being,in our era anonymus is but a dream that few people can really achieve.Even if some services have total anoimity,governments and laws can always take them down.For example ,some countryes banned VPN .You never know what is going to be around the corner.

That being said,regulation is not a totally a bad thing.Crypto exchanges and other services are subjecting people to KYC and that is okay.You can not just exist in a void where things just work on trust.That certainly seems like a fairytale.Some services need to be regulated and it is in the interest of the customer to choose them as if something can and will go wrong,you still got a legal recourse to recover your money or other stuff you might be missing.

How much regulation is enough?That is a long debate as for now my thought is all crypto services operate in my opinion in a legally gray area so we are good for the moment in my opinion.For cryptocurrency to be adopted by a majority of people,my opinion is that regulations are welcomed as this is the only way that crypto will grow to the system it wants to be.Too much regulation is clearly a bad thing but a decent amount of regulation could certainly ease people s minds diving in further crypto based enviroments.

So,my advice is always inform yourself as information is your greatest weapon in this era of disinformation.

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