Polkabridge: A Recap of 2021

By Olufemi Stephen | Crypto Base | 10 Jan 2022


Polkabridge was birthed a year ago, and since then, it has continued to change the Polkabridge ecosystem and the blockchain realm. With only one year under its belt, the achievements that it made in 2021 are amazing.


PolkaBridge Launchpad

The launchpad is one of the most innovative projects that Polkabridge created and released on 2021. It creates a haven for crypto investors to get involved in vetted and promising projects before they go mainstream. It also offers projects an access to funds, and the necessary support to improve their platform.

To ensure that everyone is treated well, it uses a fair tier system. The launchpad has been graced by innovative projects since it was launched on April 09, 2021. Investments that were entered into in the launchpad has done at least 2X and as much as over 80X.


Listing on Kucoin

In 2021, PBR was launched in different exchanges and one of them is Kucoin. The market cap of Polkabridge moved from below five million dollars to over one hundred million dollars in a year, which is an astronomical rise.


Polkabridge Staking

Polkabridge released a staking and farming feature on the ecosystem that allows users to stake their tokens, especially Polkadot-based tokens and enjoy lucrative APY. The number of PBR Token Holders have continued to increase.


Multi Chain AMM Type Decentralized Exchange Launch

On the eleventh month of 2021, Polkabridge launched its multi-chain AMM type decentralized exchange that supported Ethereum and Binance. Before it was launched, it was audited by Certik to certify that if was safe. It is a decentralized exchange that is free from censorship and possess the crucial cross chain features.

As time goes on, Polkabridge intends to release more innovations into its ecosystem to benefit users and drive its massive adoption.


About Polkabridge

Polkabridge is a decentralized ecosystem based on Polkadot that isdesigned to offer decentralized financial services to users. It has alot of services like cross-chain AMM, Farming, Lending,Fundraising platform (Launchpad), Prediction, NFT, and muchmore. For those that want to stake a coin on Polkadot, there is agreat chance that the platform may request that their users stake iton Polkabridge. An example is Polkawar telling its users to staketheir PWAR tokens on Polkabridge. Those that want to launch theircrypto startups and have access to funds from investors can do thatwith the launchpad on Polkabridge. Another feature is the predictionplatform, where users that predict an event correctly are rewarded.Farming is another crucial feature that rewards users on theplatform. Those that have idle funds that want to lend it can alsoearn reward on Polkabridge. It is also creating an Initial NFTOffering platform that will cater to fundraising using NFTs. Thosethat want to exchange a token for another, especially when they arebased on Polkadot can seamlessly do it on Polkabridge. Polkabridgeis building itself as the center of decentralized finance and NFTs onPolkadot, and probably the entire blockchain space.

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