Crypto-Gaming Blog 1 - Meet me and lets take a look at Splinterlands

WOW, you are reading this and it is my first piece, let me know what you think

Seeing as I am the new guy, I am just going to list a few things that will help us all actually have a good time here.

  • There are going to be different opinions here, nice and respectful is the way to go
  • Constructive criticism is not only welcomed, it is encouraged, as long as you remember the main point above
  • If there is anything you would like me to look into, please leave a comment and I will take a look if possible.
  • No scamming or unrelated comments, we are here to have some fun and see what is out there for Games, Crypto and Block-Chain

About me: You may have seen my OMG logo, and I am definitely and old man that loves gaming. I have been gaming since all we had was a stick in the mud and then moved on to struggle with spectrum, later followed by those pesky GW Basic books where one misprinted line of code broke your entire game..never stopped playing everything and anything since then.

I am an Analyst for a national franchise in my home country of South Africa and that should wrap up the basics, I will answer any questions if reasonable and as long as the main point gets followed.

Here we are going to look at the many ways that Crypto and Block-chain can either be used to play/pay in regards to games and I will try to give as honest an opinion as possible with any little tips I found along the way.

Now that we have gotten all the formalities over with, lets take a look at...


Part 1 - My First Steps

Genre: TCG (Trading Card Game)


My Shameless Reference Link (we both get stuff) :

My Reaction:  4.5/5 (I would introduce it to my parents)

There is a bit too much to put into one piece (especially since I was carrying on about myself and those pesky points) so I am going to break it into a few parts). I have been playing Splinterlands for a few months and it is a game that you can easily pick up, but it takes time to be able to really compete. I did pay in $10 for the spell book, this is just so that you have a bigger stash of initial cards to play with and it really helps with the $30 spent to buy coins for packs and buying individual cards on the market, see the hint below.

Setting up an account was an easy process and I had absolutely no problem, all instructions were clear and I found that their discord is quite active for various groups i.e support, marketing and they have a nice community. I was also lucky enough, right at the start, to receive some cards from community members so that I could at least compete. Some of the other members that started with me had friendly competitions going and the overall feeling there was positive. 

The first important part to understand is the basic economy and I am going to put it as simple as possible to start with

  • Credits
    • This is an in-game currency which is 1000 credits for $1
    • Can be used to buy booster packs or individual cards from the marketplace
    • Can be purchased with PayPal and Crypto, with many different options
  • DEC (Dark Energy Crystals)
    • This is a in-game currency as well and forms more of a part in every day use, but its value does fluctuate.
    • Can be obtained via daily battles, tournaments and selling/leasing/burning cards on the market 
    • Can be traded on Hive Engine, Tron Trade.

There is a lot more that can be said but they do have comprehensive guides so that you can easily navigate and understand. There is also a lot more that comes with the account in regards to Tron and Hive and I found it quite useful. 

Hint: If you are going to be buying packs on the site then you should rather buy them with DEC rather than the Credits, charge for the pack is 2000 credits or 2000 DEC and the DEC value is usually lower than the Credits by quite a large margin.

The main strategy of the game is interesting and it is still a game where people who spent money will get better rewards and place higher in most tournaments. That being said, the early levels and building your cards is fun too, they found multiple ways where you can gain cards and DEC while you are still at low levels. Playing the game daily and gaining ranks can be a bit 'grindy' at times but it does not take long to finish daily quests or finish off a small tournament if you are running short on time.

The tournaments have a chance to get you some DEC (there is a buy-in that varies) and if you can read your opponents in smaller level cap tournaments, then you can make a profit. I have made much more value out of the smaller 10 DEC tournaments and it is worth the try seeing as I won 800 DEC many times and there are higher prizes. 

This is where I am going to stop off for now and I think that it is definitely a game that you can gain value out of and in future articles I am going to look at the markets, strategy, card types and sincerely hope everyone that reads this will enjoy it.


Ciao for now

(OMG) Old Man Gamer



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(OMG)Old Man Gamer
(OMG)Old Man Gamer

Join my journey to see what we can find in the Crypto-Gaming scene. I always try to read some pieces from people who follow me and love having a good chat. GG's

(OMG) Old Man Gamer
(OMG) Old Man Gamer

This blog is dedicated to showcasing how Crypto and gaming are moving forward. Many people have seen how Crypto and gaming are meant to be entwined, this ideal is finally coming to fruition. Join me for my journey through Crypto mixed gaming as we start to re-adjust the future to suit our needs.

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