Crypto-Gaming - Being Nr. 1 for a little while - Splinterlands Update, an objective look

Hiya and welcome, if you have read my previous article then you would have seen that the new update caught me a bit by surprise. All things being fair, I am still playing and enjoying the game, but it is better read about Here

 Yet the game must go on and I was planning on building my collection anyway, so I am going to handle some of my other thoughts on the changes that I found playing my first day after the new update.

Now I must figure out how I can use my current left over DEC and Coins to add at least another 7k to 8k power...I'm in...and today I am going to try

  • Finish my teams for the Kobold Mining Expedition Round 2 (KME)
  • Play to 75% DEC Capture Rate
  • See where my mood takes me

Hint: Check out my article Here, to see the tournaments tutorial and my starting balances

There was a little bit of sunlight in regards to one of the tournaments and I was pleasantly surprised to see this when I started


I am busy setting my teams up as I write this and I hope that I can get some sweet DEC Loot to comfort me in these turbulent times. All jokes aside, this could be a good placement for me and I am hyped, (Tournament Light vs Light) is a link to my first match of the tournament while using my weakest element and so far and I am happy that it did not change for now. (Ok, I should not play and write but I will leave this here, in the middle, in short form...GG's


Even though I am placed First, I cannot count my chickens...I have 5 battles left and this can go any way from here, but now back to what I started with...)

My first instinct was correct, the UI has been beautifully changed when it comes to the main battle screen and it was seamless in my Brave Browser, they spent time and the implementation (at least for me, and from now on I will assume that that is understood) was so seamless that I had to do a double check to see what happened. I really like the way they placed all the details (hence the reason I saw the power issue) and it is really clean. It feels a lot 'snappier' than it used to and that is pretty much it for now with the main changes being more related towards rankings and rewards.

I am now going to take a look at my goals for the day and how it translated to real world gains

  • Tournament, KME

Even with the surprise above I have to be a realist and think, you know, about losing 5 in a row...where do I end up? I have no idea...although I usually note players winning top spots with 3 or 4 losses and sometimes even more, but mostly less. That means that I can be looking at (Did it again...just won another one...16-2) 800 DEC and that would almost double my starting DEC balance. I could also be number one and that will lead to a significant jump in my total power. I already have my buy list set up in a sheet and I really hope that I get to whack that 2200 to buy some of my missing cards from Untamed. 

  • 75% DEC capture rate

I was on 870 and I am stopping on a 91.9% capture rate with a closing balance of 1,008, I am happy enough with the tournament win to leave it there till I can spend my money properly. Win @ 138 DEC

  • My Mood

Back to MTG Arena till I can finish processing the changes and the overall feeling not so bleak with, huge ray's of sunlight.


OMG Old Man Gamer



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(OMG)Old Man Gamer
(OMG)Old Man Gamer

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(OMG) Old Man Gamer
(OMG) Old Man Gamer

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