Splinterlands Update and the AMA link

Splinterlands...what the hell happened since last night - New Update and link AMA

Hi all and thanks to everyone who keeps reading my posts, you are appreciated and GG's. 

Last night I started my daily grind to see if I can get my level up to improve my daily rewards and everything was right in the world. After I came back from the office today, I just had to check in and was looking forward to building on some minor gains from yesterday....This beautiful little change to the UI below caught my eye and I was happy that they are investing time and resources into the game (that leads to longevity and a better experience). This positivity unfortunately gave way to a problem I see developing if they implement 


This is a little bit of a problem and it is summed up in this pic..I'm being relegated from Champ to Chump quite unexpectedly


I will admit that I have not been active in the discord etc. seeing as I have resumed my job full time and have been doing chaos control, therefore time has been a little short. As some people that have read my articles would know, I have written about selling and burning cards to keep your level low. This was to keep your matched opponents at a manageable level, especially when you start playing. With the pic above you will see one major change and I do not know how they are going to implement this, but the power level is worrying. I have been building the collection over months, made a little profit but it has been put back into cards, yet I do not have the required 40,000 power level to even move up. 

My initial instinct is unfortunately worry and whilst I understand the need to make money, if they did not then the game would end and we do not want that. But the 40, 000 means that the last time I hit Champion would be done and the last for a long time/if ever again. I made it there by lots of luck and I hardly have the power level to stay where I am. 

They compared Splinterlands to MTG, this is somewhat correct, unfortunately Splinterlands does have a long way to go before they get the OG credit of MTG (I started playing in the 90's). I do enjoy Splinterlands and I am also in favour of them increasing their revenue stream but now the maths will have to change

My initial - $40

Current max value - $47

Power level - 37350

Just building on that, let see how it ends up just for Silver 1 = of 70, 000

That means that I roughly have 53% rounded down of the required power level...OMG is sad..I thought I was a big boy

That means that if I add 47% of the $47 current value

OMG...really sad...This means that I need to up the ante to at least $69, right now (yes there are variables but this will be close enough for now)

Here is my new daily rewards vs my last one received




Here is the AMA, AMA - New Update, they do mention that they will play with the power levels and daily distributions, but I feel that they are raising the power level waaaay too much for players that only just began playing or are interested in the game. I hope they get this sorted and get it in favour of them making money and the game being accessible to more initial players.

I do wish them the best of luck, I will still be playing, I still love the game, but still worried


OMG - Old Man Gamer


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(OMG)Old Man Gamer
(OMG)Old Man Gamer

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(OMG) Old Man Gamer
(OMG) Old Man Gamer

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