“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

As we continue to explore the world of digital currency, we’ve found some coins, trading platforms, wallets and other environments of the currencies which we support, see as reliable and have proven themselves to be innovators in the crypto sphere. Another example of a real life application of cryptocurrency, and an example of a reliable and innovative business model, is the Brave Internet Browser. In a world where efficiency, speed, privacy and security are highly desired in for internet users, Brave has come along to provide and roll forward the vision to uphold those sought after benefits. 

Brave is an internet browser downloadable for most any device or service provider you may have. Coming into the scene in 2015, the creator of JavaScript and former Mozilla Corporation CEO Brendan Beich and partner Brian Bondy founded the company known today as Brave Software. They began to move forward with the Basic Attention Token (BAT), the cryptocurrency which moves assets in the Brave network. The BAT blockchain is a decentralized platform as well as it is a coin, much like the Ethereum network which BAT is based on. This token is what is used for the revenue sharing program done through Brave Rewards, where content creators get money from their advertisers and from consumers, and consumers are rewarded by advertisers for helping them to generate revenue; this process is done on a consented, secure exchange of data, which never leaves the browser. 

 They soon offered the first version of Brave with a focus on ad blocking, with talks of more respect of privacy in regards to the ads we see, as well as a revenue sharing program. Throughout the years, not only have they provided what was talked about in their intentions: sharing revenue, enhanced privacy, heightened security, but they were continuously working on bugs and the in and outs of the network and what was behind it, making the network incredibly fast and efficient as well. 

Since Brave offers almost identical features to other popular browsers, alongside their many security and privacy and rewards and wallet features, and most importantly: the fact that it’s decentralized (no data transfer intermediaries), it’s easy to see why the platform  grew from 3 million users in 2019 to 25 million now here in 2021. Brave is a respectable entity in the Blockchain sector, and has shown faithful in providing what matters to the consumers. They are another excellent example of the reality, growth and diversity within the terms “cryptocurrency” and “DeFi”. 

The browser is an excellent and easy way to participate in the real world application of blockchain and crypto exchange. I would suggest checking it out, as well as our other provided links for more information. They are helping people to get their piece of the pie in regards to their data being shared for advertisers and they do this through decentralization- taking the data storing/selling/exploitative 3rd party out of the picture. The current internet is broken, and things like Brave and many other DAPPs are working to mend the wound so that everyone can be as respected and rewarded and as in control of their own assets as anyone else. Brave is just one example of an admirable blockchain network which are moving things forward and we will continue to dive into trading platforms and other coins as well as other free market principles and examples here in the future! Stay tuned and let us know your feedback. Thank you for reading!  


Written by SMH from on February 21, 2021

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