The Mystery of Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Tale

By Cordelia L Rochie | Ochie's Writing | 16 Aug 2020

You are guaranteed not to think that "Sleeping Beauty" was inspired by an ancient Viking fairy tale entitled "Brynhlild" which was inspired by a historical figure named Princess Brunhilda who lived in the sixth century.

Once upon a time, a valkyrie named Brynhild was cursed by Odin, the king of the Norse gods, for breaking his orders. This beautiful fairy is cursed to sleep surrounded by a circle of fire and can only wake up if a boy kisses her. A knight named Siegfried happened to pass by the castle where Brynhild was locked up and woke him up. They both fell in love with each other, but unfortunately Siegfried had to leave because he still had duties. Before leaving, she promised to marry Brynhild again.

Unfortunately, Siegfried met a magician who wanted the young man to marry his daughter. The magician also gave a potion which made Siegfried forget about Brynhild. An angry Brynhild with Siegfried's betrayal then slandered her that he had raped her in the past. As a result Siegfried gets killed and not only that, Brynhild who is full of revenge feels insufficient and kills Siegfried's son who is still three years old. However, during Siegfried's cremation, Brynhild later felt remorse and threw himself into the fire, committing suicide. Their souls are reunited in heaven and happy forever.

What The F ? What kind of story is that? Very Psychopathic. Stories Other versions also vary, there are "Sleeping Beauy" by Charles Perrault (1697), Mawar Briar Kecil Grimm Brothers, "Sun, Moon and Talia" by Giambattista Basile (1634), and "Perceforest" (oldest version, made in 14th century). Just so you know, the older the version, the more sadistic. All versions (at least the last three) don't forget to always include elements:

- The princess was raped while sleeping

- The princess woke up and found the prince had married another woman

The Disney version of the work we know today is Perrault's most "kid friendly" and "less traumatic." But even the version we know of (stopping at the princess waking up to be kissed by the prince and living happily ever after) actually only covers season 1 of Perrault's story. Perrault's version of ASI (which, as I said earlier, is the most "less bloody" of the other versions) still contains season 2, where the marriage of the princess and the prince is opposed by the Evil Queen (prince's mother, again a subtle version, because in the previous version, this character was played by a prince's wife who was furious because her husband brought a young wife).

The Evil Queen then ordered the chef to cook the two children of the princess, then ordered the princess to eat them. But fortunately, the chef didn't have the heart and replaced it with mutton. Not only that, the queen then offered the princess (who was shocked to think she had eaten her own child) to kill herself by slitting her throat. Very strange.

But, come on friends, admit it! Without the element of rape alone, the Sleeping Beauty story already smells like sexual harassment. A man kissing an unconscious girl? Really Weird!

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